I was pushed out of London underground train

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My name is Girish and I am originally from India. I have been in the UK since 28th May 2007. Today (15th June 2011), it has been more than 4 years for me in the UK. This article is about an incident that happened with me yesterday evening at around 16:40 London time. I work in Liverpool Street, London and was returning home. I took a London underground tube to Kings Cross Saint Pancrass and then took a picadilly service train to Heathrow. It takes me 1.5 hours to travel one way every day, 5 days a week. So, 3 hours are spent just in travelling, everyday. I boarded the last compartment of the tube (the one away from the driver's carriage). I always board this compartment as the seats in it are vacant, mostly. I took the seat which was 3rd from the last seat. There was a person seating on the last seat and the seat between us was empty. There was a guy sitting in front of us.
I am currently working with a multinational bank as an application support analyst. I have been working with them since 29th Dec 2009. Before that I was working with TechMahindta and the client was British Telecom. Somewhere in March/April 2010, I started a hobby website of mine and called it trips2london.com. In fact I have published this article in the blog section of my hobby website, unless you find it on some copy website. Though its a hobby website, as of now, I manage to make very little money out of it. Now you might be wondering, why am I telling all this to you. Well, that's because the incident I will be telling you is related to this.
So, coming back to the train I was in, I got up to check if there were any London underground poems in my compartment, after the train started moving. I have been clicking pictures of London underground poems and publishing them on my website. I saw a poem called "Nothing Special" in the same compartment but a bit far away from me. So I started walking towards it so that I could click its picture. But I didn't want to lose my seat. So I thought of keeping my bag on my seat but then realised that people might get scared seeing the unclaimed bag. So, I looked at my neighbour and waved at him telling that I will be back in a bit after clicking the picture of the poem. But I guess he looked away. I placed my bag on my seat and went and sat on the seat in front of the poem. I was waiting for the train to stop at the next station, which was Russell Square. Just before the train stopped, I got up to take position to click the picture and that's when I heard some one shout "Oi Oi". When I looked, I saw that the person who was sitting in front of my original seat was shouting at me and was asking me to pick my bag. So I shouted back at him saying "I will be back after I click this picture" and pointed towards the poem. On seeing this he started approaching me saying the same thing again and again - "pick your bag". I have never been involved in suck sort of trouble and always avoid to be involved. He was much taller than me and I didn't want trouble ,  so I went back and picked my bag and started walking back towards the poem, that's when he stopped me and started forcing me to get off the train. I said, No, why should I ? He said get off the train and board the next one. On seeing seeing him getting furious, I thought its better to go out than arguing with him. So, at the next moment when the train stopped and the doors opened, and while I started going out, he tried to push me out,  with so much force that he fell down . He missed me partially. His hand struck me but he mostly missed me and he fell down inside the tube. The CCTVs must have captured this event. While he did that, I was already out and saw him falling and that my bag remained inside the tube lying next to him. As I heard the beep sounds before the tube door closes I said "give me my bag" and he threw it out of the tube before the doors closed. I showed him the sign of being crazy and he showed his middle finger to me as the train moved.

I am not sure who was right and who was wrong ? Well may be he was right in telling me to pick my bag but that's the reason I told my neighbour that I would be back, so that no one feels uncomfortable. Moreover, once he approached me I agreed to pick my bag. He didn't have to force me and push me out of the tube ? I would like to see your views, via comments, please. By the way I clicked the same poem's pic when I found it in the last compartment of the next train !


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  1. Nandish ([email protected])

    freakish...the guy probably got psyched up for no reason and realized later..

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  2. ([email protected])

    I think I saw the same guy again today. He was sitting besides me. I am sure it was the same guy because... As soon as he saw me he got off the train at the next stop calmly and waited there for the next train rather than going to the "way out". Moreover, when I looked at him through the window, he turned and slowly hid behind a wall. Then when the train started moving again I could see him still besides the wall and spotted him looking at me secretly...he must be guilty or scared...He looked alright though. He looked alright though. Must be coming back from work, was in formals, a coat and had an umbrella. I am sure he must have got carried away, the other day...

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  3. Rahul Ray ([email protected])

    that was very unfortunate mate !! I am sure you could complain to the nearest police station and they would definitely take action.

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