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Spotted this poem while coming back from work from King's Cross St. Pancrass to Hounslow West along the PiccadilIy line at approximately 10:45 PM on 19th Oct 2010. (whale song poem London underground)


Whale Song poem by Sophie on London tube
















Sophie Stephenson - Wright


If a boy must wonder

Spotted this poem while coming back from Acton town on a picadilly line in the evening on 25th Oct 2010. I had been to wembley sunday market before this. I was with Shruti, Prachi and my mother in law.

London underground poem if a boy must wonder

Leon Yuchin Lau


First Contact

Spotted this poem while I was going to work in a tube from Hounslow West to Kings Cross St Pancrass in the last carriage at around 12:40 PM BST

first contact poem on london underground

Hattie Grunewald
(The First Contact Poem)

The way we go

Spotted this poem while I was going to work in a tube on 22nd October 2010

the way we go poem on london underground

Catherine Towers ( b. 1961 )
katherine towers the way we go )

  Fulcrum / Writing a world

Spotted this poem while I was going back home in a tube from Hammersmith to Hounslow west on 15-May-2010.
It was a coincidence that I had got my new camera delivered to me on the same day :-)

David Morley (b. 1964)




fulcrum writing a world poem on the underground













In the Microscope

Spotted this poem while I was going back home in a tube from Liverpool Street  to King's Cross St. Pancrass on 17-May-2010 22:44 London time.

London Underground Poem - In the Microscope  

Miroslav Holub ( 1923 - 1998 )  Translated by Ian Milner


Sweet Thames Flow Softly 

Spotted this poem while I was on a tube on the Piccadilly line I think.

London underground poem Sweet thames flow softly

Ewan MacColl ( 1915 - 1989 )


For the war dead

Spotted this poem while I was on a tube on the Piccadilly line I think

London underground poem For the War dead

A.E Housman ( 1859 - 1936 )


Lines to a Movement in Mozart's e-flat symphony 

Spotted this new poem in Hounslow Central inside a tube at around 20:50 while I was heading towards work to Liverpool Street via picadilly line on 19th Jan 2011.
lines to a movement in mozarts eflat symphony

Tomas Hardy - 1840 to 1928 (Celebrating The Genius of Mozart on BBC Radio 3)



Spotted this poem somewhere between 18th Jan 2011 to 24th Jan 2011 on a tube. I have noticed that TFL have posted new poems and I'm happy about it. I was bored to see the same old poems :)
Riddle underground poem

Gerard benson (Born 1931) 


For the life of this planet

This one also should have been spotted by me between the same time period when I spotted the above poem Riddle. I remember to have thought of how I didn't carry my HTC Desire the oter day and missing to capture a poem and hoped that I find one after entering the tube and I found one :)
for the life of this planet

Grace Nichols (Born 1950)

Lines from Endymion

Spotted this poem on a Picadilly line tube.
lines from Endymion London underground poem

John Keates (1975 - 1821) 


Colmcille the Scribe

I don't quite remember where exactly I spotted this poem but it must be on either Picadilly line or on a line between Liverpool street and Kings Cross Saint Pancrass.

Colmcille the Scribe poem on london underground  

MSeamus Heaney (Born - 1939)


Loving the Rituals

Spotted this one on 01st Feb 2011 on a tube to work

Loving the rituals poem on london underground  

Palladas (He was from fourth century AD)

More London Underground Poems

Since this page has become very big, I have moved the rest of the poems in the London blog section. The following are links to more poems:


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Sender: Mrs Elka Golding

Comment: I saw a poster on an underground platform asking passengers  to write poems.  I can't remember the exact website.  Could you please let me know.

Many thanks

Sender: Girish Suryawanshi

Comment: Hi Elka, I'm not sure about passengers submitting poems which will be published on tubes. But I found the following 2 links related to some sort of London underground poetry competition, which might be helpful to you: