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My name is Girish Suryawanshi and I run the website www.trips2london.com. This is a hobby website and is about London attractions and the various interesting activities that can be done in London. It also consists of some webpages which display excellent deals and offers. I also accept guest London articles from London travellers and bloggers. I have tried to include the information that is useful for the visitors of London. I update the website during my free time and mostly after I visit places in London, especially on the weekends. However sometimes it takes a lot of time to generate content due to my job and other commitments in life. I earn some money from the sponsors seen on various pages of this website( Google ads ) and via the money got from commision on the sale of products/tickets listed on the site.
It would be great if you guys contribute your London travel experiences in the form of articles which can then be published here. If you are interested you can submit your articles via the submit London articles page. If you have a website of your own, you can add your website's link in your London articles and provide a link back to www.trips2london.com from your site. We can hopefully create a good quality information base for London visitors.

Thank you,
Girish Suryawanshi.

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