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London is a very versatile city. Its versatility not only lies in the people living in it, structures, museums etc.., but also lies in the amazingly different and attractive  places of interest that it has. There are attractions for people of all age groups. If you had to look at the list of all attractions in London, it would seem endless. I think no website or book would contain all of them listed. On one hand there are attractions with complex technology and physics like the London Eye and on the other hand are simple old markets but even these simple places, without a doubt, would leave you with a pleasant Nostalgia. Some attractions would take you back in history whereas some might take you back in prehistoric world when our race didnt even exist and others might teach you a bit of interesting facts about science. Some might also show you creatures that live in the medium which might kill you if you spent a couple of minutes in it - water! Whereas other religious places would take you closer to god.

Attractions are not just related to London or the UK but related to almost every part of the world ! To give you an example, one of the most popular attractions called Madame Tussauds, contains wax statues of famous people from all over the world. Most of the good London attractions might not be free. But having said that, it would also be inappropriate to not mention that the ticket prices are quite reasonable when the quality and the amount of effort put behind the London attractions, is considered. The organisations which run these places of attractions also keep in mind that though the prices are reasonable for most of the people, they might not seem so reasonable to some people who might not be doing so well in Life. Keeping this in mind, many offers are usually put up by the London attraction companies. One such example is the late saver ticket by Madame Tussauds. Central London being being a crucial financial place and hence busy, but still manages to accommodate some of the world's finest artificial and natural attractions. Moreover, most of the renowned attractions are very close to tube stations and easily reachable. With London having one of the best transportation systems of the world, you would hardly face any difficulty finding your favourite places of interest. Deals and offers are not only on London attractions but there are various offers on different media of transport like buses, tubes, trains, trams, boats etc..For example, if you buy a daily or weekly tube travel card or convert your oyster card into a daily or weekly or monthly travel oyster, then you can travel any where in London on any tube or bus for unlimited times.
All the attractions contain the basic facilities and much more. There are, wash rooms, places to eat etc..We have listed some of the most popular London attractions on this page. You would see 3 sections in the middle of this page. The table in the first section contains some of the best places and attractions in London. The 2nd section consists of a list of interesting things to do in London and the 3rd section consists of deals and offers on London attraction tickets via our selected partner sites.
We hope your stay in London becomes a memorable phase of your life.
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