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 London Articles by Shruti Vasant Suryawanshi Article submitted by - Shruti Vasant Suryawanshi

London being the world's financial capital, is very expensive city to live in, especially if you are coming for a holiday as you are not earning in sterling pounds, the city can be expensive for you. I have gathered a few points which I think can save you a lot of money .

Hotels seem to suck all the money and hence a cheaper option will be to rent a room. As many owner's rent out rooms on weekly in London. Depending on your location, you can rent a room for a complete  week starting from £40.00. You can have a look on gumtree ( www.gumtree.co.uk ) about the same. You can easily get a single room for £40.00 per week from Zone 4 onwards. As long as the room is near the tube station you don't have to worry as you can travel to Central London quickly. It's not worth spending about £100 per day to live in central London. Rather you can travel for an hour and save a lot of money. Else you could find a good and cheap  B&B ( Bed and Breakfast ).

London Hotels at TubeHotels.com
cheap travel in London  Cheap ways to travel in London
Journey Planner

Always make a travel card ( Bus or / and tube ). Bus travel card is only for £3.50 per day and you can travel all around London for the day. Tube pass is 
about £7.00 per day and you can use any number of tubes and buses for your travel. Note that the best thing would be to buy an oyester card instead of a 
travel card. The oyester card is always cheaper than the travel card. Oyester card can be topped up like your gas or electricity or mobile prepaid sim card. Travel cards cannot be topped up. They are "use and throw"

cheap food in London 

Cheap and good food in London 

You get great deals on Lunch Buffets in many good restaurants in London, as it is kind of off peak during the afternoon hours. Dinner is always expensive in london. You could take advantage of this fact and and have a heavy lunch and then you don't have to bother with dinner or may be just have a small dinner.

London / UK restaurants - Book a table

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Free stuff in London 

Free stuff in London

If you intend to live for a longer period in London, you can check for the freebies section on gumtree which offers great stuff for visitor's rooms for free 
. For example, wardrobes, side cabinets, fridge, heaters and almost everything. It also offers tickets for free like theatre tickets or cinema tickets or anything of that sort.

cheap travel in London2 

Cheap travel outside London

If you are visiting UK and living in London however intend to travel outside London as well, then the National express coach service is the best way to 
travel. These do funfare coach tickets starting from £1.00. Depending on when you book the tickets, you can travel almost anywhere in england with national express coaches for a good deal. I guess even Mega Bus do good deals but I have never tried it yet.




Cheap London shopping 

Cheap shopping in London

Every area in London has an open market held every weekend. Some open markets do fruit and veg as well. All the fruits and vegetables are mostly organic and  much more cheaper. Hence if you have an economic budget during your stay, you can buy your fruit and veg from here. Open markets also do good deal on other things like duvets, duvet covers, crockeries etc. Almost everything again.

Cheap London Deals 

London deals 

Always go for 2 for 1 deals. You will get 2 for 1 deals for all the major attractions like Madame Tussauds, London Eye,etc. There are many websites that do that. You may find some cheap deals at the top of this page as well. Also, if you buy a tube travel card for the day you get these kind of vouchers.




 cheap london movies

Cheap big screen movies in multiplexes

If you intend to watch movies, again, always look for offers. I know "Cineworld" do great offers. For eg they have "orange Wednesdays", where they do 2 
tickets for the price of one if you text ( SMS ) them from your orange phone network. Also if you live in London or in the UK on a permanent basis or a long 
term basis, they do monthly pass. Me and my husband love watching movies hence we have a monthly pass and we pay 13.50 every month and we can watch unlimited 
movies for the month in any cineworld in United Kingdom except for the central London ones. Even the central London ones are just a pound or two over £13.50.If you buy tickets directly, that is, without a card, you will end up paying around 8 to 10 pounds for a single ticket !!

Cheap London Clubbing 

Clubbing (Disco) deals in London

There a many clubs in London that offer free entry. All you have to do is a little planning and research on the internet and you could save a lot of money in 
return. So you can have a great night at no price. Also, there are clubs that offer free entry but only before 10.00 pm. But I like that kind of thing coz 
then I can catch up with my friends and then hit the dance floor later which makes the night complete.

cheap London gifts 

 Saving money on gifts and clothes in London

Always look out for a sale. Usually sale time is after Christmas or may be mid season. But before you go out shopping make the effort to look for where is the sale on. In a sale you will get a branded product for less than half the price of its real worth.
Before you spend any money for anything always give yourself a buffer time of 10 minutess and go through the internet about the product and also about the different prices the different stores offer. Also, go through the review to get an Idea about how good the product is.
A little bit of planning and research can save a lot of money and can make your trip worth it.