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Osterley park, 2nd trip

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The 2nd picnic to Osterley was a bit different from the first one. Half of the journey was the same as the first one. We saw green fields, horses,
ponies, the artificial lake / pond. Then we walked ahead on a grassland on the left of which was the big Osterley house and on the right was the 2nd
lake. This lake contained many ducks with their cute ducklings. The huge old "nude" tree was still there. I remember liking it a lot when I had seen it
for the first time. This time, we took the path which went towards the right after walking by the lake which seems to lie in the centre of Osterley park.
To be precise, think it should be the 3rd pond. The first being the one which lies on the left when you enter the Osterley Park and the 2nd being
the one on the right when you walk a little further. So, this 3rd pond has a single seat in front of it and people usually get their pet dogs so that
they can run and play around as well as plunge in the pond to bring back the balls thrown in the pond by their owners. This time I also saw a man and a
kid practicing some kind of a martial art near the 3rd pond. It seemed to be Karate or taekwondo. We took a break near the 3rd pond and had some Punjabi
samosas, mini samosas, Paneer samosas, Doritos, Polish sweets and snacks. The path to the left goes to the big Osterley house. This is where we went
during our first trip to Osterley park. So this time we decided to go to the right. A bit on the right was quite dense with bushes and Trees. This path
goes along the 3rd pond. I think the 3rd and the 2nd pond might be connected where as the 1st one seemed like an artificial lake / pond. We walked ahead
and came across a small gate and which took us to a straight road with golden fields along it. These fields contained many horses and ponies. We
didn't stop much to see the horses as we already had played with a horse near the entrance of the Osterley park and had fed grass to the Ponies. On the way
Ravi made a wonder flute out of a stick from a branch of a willow tree. This path that we took from the right of the 3rd pond took us back to the
entrance. We noticed a vegetable shop on the left as we approached back to the entrance. From outside it looked like a plant garden. There were loads
of fresh vegetables there. We bought some cauliflower and spinach and made our way back home. It was a short and sweet trip. To know more on our first
trips, see first trip to Osterley. This is when we took the left path from the 2nd pond.

Some Additional information which I spotted:
Click on the following links for information on - Osterley park top view and information ------ Osterley park and house admission price  ---- House info

Car parking is inside the park, not very far from the main entrance and costs £3.50 per day per car. Blue badge holders and National trust members can park their cars for free. Osterley park, including the car park close at 07:30 pm. Barbeque in the Osterley park is not allowed.
There is a coffee stop called "Lakeview". I saw it selling loads of eatables like tea, coffee, crips, ice creams, shakes, hot soups, hot chocolate, sandwiches, fruit juices, bird seeds etc.
There is a shuttle service to Garden, House, National trust shop and Tea room which is available on Wednesday to Sunday from 12 to 5 pm.
Food shops near Osterley park entrance
"Village food and Wine" (Contact - 02085603344) - "Open till late"
Off-Licence - convenience store
Lam's Kitchen express (Contact - 02085601988)
Chinese cuisine to take away
Thai restaurant and Tiger Bar
Memories of india
The pink cafe - Panini, cakes, sandwiches

miscellaneous shops near Osterley park entrance

Osterley book shop - Greeting cards and curiosities
Osterley Salon  (contact - 02085684683)
Hair, beauty, nails
Alcombe Veterinary Surgery (02087580400)
Osterley Pharmacy Clinic (Prescriptions, health and beauty, Chiropody, Aromatherapy)
Homeopathy, Natropathy, Reflexology, Osteopathy.

Fresh vegetable shop inside Osterley park
As mentioned above there is a vegetable shop inside Osterley park which sells fresh vegetables like Cauliflower, Dutch white cabbage, red cabbage, spinach, pots of herbs, carrots, radish, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, Rhubarb, bale of hay, bale of straw, bag of hay and much more. the following are some pictures of these vegetables:

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