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Taking a trip to the West End Theatres

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The first permanent public playhouses in London were opened in the 16th Century. 500 years later, millions of visitors still enjoy a trip to the theatre in London’s West End, with some of the most acclaimed shows and musicals being performed by some of the best British actors and actresses.  There are over 40 theatres in the West End of London, with the largestamong them holding an audience in excess of 2000 people. With each theatre playing a different show simultaneously, there is plenty of choice in what to watch.

From classic plays such as Blood Brothers, to tribute shows such as Thriller (Michael Jackson tribute) and We Will Rock You (Queen Tribute) alongside interpretations of popular movies such as Shrek, Dirty Dancing and The Lion King; a trip to the theatre is suitable for all generations of the family, as well as a romantic evening out.

The experience of visiting the London Theatre is not one to be rushed. With the average show lasting around 2 hours, usually with a 15 minute interval, it’s likely that you will want to eat prior to the show so that your full attention is on the wonder of the stage rather than your stomach calling for food. Many restaurants in the locality of the theatre will over a special pre-theatre menu.

With shows starting as late as 9pm, it might also be necessary to organise an overnight stay in London. Again, there are special London deals to be taken advantage of with many businesses in the West End making the most of the theatre tourist spending power.
Going to the theatre used to be a rather formal affair. It would be necessary for the audience to dress formally, with gentlemen in tuxedos and ladies in evening gowns, as a visit to the theatre was reserved for the wealthier members of society due to the cost of tickets. The tradition of dressing up for the theatre has now been watered down, with only those people attending premieres (who are usually celebrities) taking the formal
approach. With many cheap theatre deals available via the internet, the theatre is now accessible to everyone and visitors usually opt for comfort in their attire due to the long time sitting down.

Whichever show you choose to visit, a trip to the West End will certainly be a memory that stays with you for a long time thanks to the quality of production and atmosphere created in the grandeur of the historic auditoriums.

About the author

Katie Sykes is a professional writer and blogger who enjoys writing about
London and Brighton.

Website - http://www.kelkooselect.co.uk

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