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slow walkers in London oxford street 

No, there is no mistake in the title of this blog. Be quick on Oxford street or you may face a fine if you are spotted walking slowly. To some of you it may seem a bit harsh and to some it may seem quite genuine. But who should decide what's right and what's wrong? Well I personally think that, just like there are rules for the vehicles on the roads, people should also follow some walking etiquettes. There were times when I have got irritated when I had to catch a flight at Heathrow or when I had to rush to work and I was getting late and this slow lady was walking ahead of me, dragging her bag, was walking as if she was strolling in the garden! Not that she was old or disabled or pregnant. But just may be because she was too lazy to walk fast? It was very irritating, but now when I saw the above video I have started thinking in both the perspectives. I personally think that rather than introducing such kind of thing where a monitor has to keep a watch on people and ask them to walk fast or to fine them for walking slowly, there can some some rules introduced in case of walking on the pavements of bussy roads, like the oxford street which I think is the bussiest street in Europe. I currently do not have a driving licence but as far as I am aware, fast moving vehicles are allowed to overtake the slower ones. So while the slower ones move on the left, the faster ones are given the opportunity to overtake the slower ones from the right. In some cases where the road is broad, I have seen multiple lanes. Here, the slowest moving vehicles move on the left lane and the fastest ones move on the right most lane. I have also seen such kind of thing on the London underground escalators. People who want to just stand on the moving escalators, keep on the right hand side and the ones who want to climb up or down the escalators, overtake the ones standing, from the left hand side. So, I was wondering if it would be too much of work to introduce such rules in case of walkers on pavements or would it be too much of a hassle? Or may be it is just a question of common sense and people should understand and give way to people who are trying to go ahead of them? What would you suggest?

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