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  1. Open cinema at Syon Park, london

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    Outdoor movie at syon park 10 

    A few months ago my wife took me and Ravi to an open cinema in Syon Park, London. They were going to play the movie "It's complicated". A few days ago, before we went to watch this movie, Shruti watched the movie "Shawshank Redemption" at the same location with Holly. She told me, the movie was so good that when the movie finished all started clapping ! She was so impressed with the movie and the surroundings and the concept of outdoor films that she took us with her to show us the next movie which was "it's complicated". Her work colleague Vocheck also turned up with his wife. It was somewhere in August 2011 when we went to see the show. The movie was shown on a big white screen with a few trees in the background. The audiences were sitting or lying down on the mats they got with them. I also saw a few people, especially elderly, seated on foldable chair behind the people who were sitting on the mats. We got some warm clothes and some blankets to keep warm and food and drinks as well. Before the movie began playing, I could see people chilling out, with some watching videos on their laptops, chit chatting, I also saw a guy playing his guitar. On our right was the beautiful Syon House and behind us lied the area of the park that was not used for the movie. Food and drinks were also served which were obviously not free. The area on our left was lit up with beautiful coloured lights. I thought the movie was alright. The overall experience was very pleasant and nice, though. It was a great feeling to cuddle up and watch a movie under the stars.

    More info:

    Ticket prices - £10 per person

    Address of Syon park house - Syon Park, Brentford, Middlesex, postcode - TW8 8JF

    Email - [email protected] / [email protected]

    How to get to Syon Park:

    By Bus: 267 / 237 to Brent Lea bus stop OR E8 / E2 to Brentford. Walk to Pedestrian Entrance ( 50 yards).

    By Rail:  From Waterloo to Kew Bridge, then bus as mentioned above.

    By Underground: Central Line to Ealing Broadway OR District line to Gunnersbury OR Piccadilly Line to Boston Manor then bus as mentioned above.

    By Car - Satellite Navigation postcode - TW7 6AZ

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