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Do you know any new places to visit in London ?

Hello everyone. Hope you got / get the required information you wanted / want in . I have tried to cover some places in London, which I though would be interesting to visit. I dont think I have covered a lot of places here.
I have visited some of the places mentioned in this website and intend to visit the rest in the coming weekends :-) . There are loads of places to visit just in London and I am sure you might be knowing some places and things which are very interesting and unique but are not mentioned in this website. There could be things which you know about. So, why not post your comments about some interesting places or things or anything in London via the "comments" section at the bottom of this page. You could also share your experiences of your visits to the places in London in the comments section. The comments section is not only in this webpage but is present in almost all of the webpages of this website. There is also a blog page on this website, where you could start your own blog. It could be related to London or anything for that matter. For more information, you can have a look at a London guide book

What do you like about London ?

I think London is an awesome city. I really like a lot of things about this city. This includes the systems which have made the lives of the people who live here so easy. The decent and polite people including the Police, the free culture where you express yourself fully and loud, the simple people who are capable of doing a lot of things but I believe have stuck to the simplicity and small things in life rather than competiting with each other, the underground tubes which are so prompt and clean everyday,  posh and clean buses looking at which I always wonder do they get new buses every day?, the classical museums, the well maintained parks, the safety and security and so many other things. The buildings and other things are not very Hi-Fi but they have their own charm. The original people here have stuck to the basics and I think they have thought more about making the day to day life easier and living a nice and happy life rather than competiting with each other and making their lives complex and complicated. I like they way the people here are so diciplined in all situations and are not at all manipulative, very helpful, very straight forward, down to earth, least money minded, well dressed :-).


Why do people come to visit London so much ?

Think about it. Why do so many people come to visit London each year, not only from UK but from all over the world ? Well London is just a city. Its not a hill station or a green land or a beach or some thing like that.
Then why do people want to visit london so much ? I guess the answer to this should come from the people who long to visit london itself. 
But I think it could be the thrill of visiting the capital of a country which had once ruled so many parts of the world. Its so amazing isnt it? Its such a small country but with so much potential. I am from originally from India and there are 28 states in india. I think the size of UK should be around the geographically largest state in India (Madhyapradesh) and still once upon a time it ruled so many countries including India.
It has not just ruled but has brought so many good things and systems in those countries. So, it is quite possible that people feel a thrill to visit the capital of such a great country.
Or could it be the freedom that you get while you are there? The freedom of doing almost anything anywhere ? I strongly believe it could be one of the strongest reasons for some one to long to be in London. It is not very strict here and still you can see and feel so much decipline. That is some thing to think about. 
Well London is considered to be the financial capital of the world !! and there are so many people who love money and business. May be they would feel incomplete if they hadnt come here at least once in their life time :-) . So, just to visit the financial capital as well as earn a bit from it :-)
Other than the above reasons there are some famous things to see and places to visit like Buckingham palace, Tower Bridge, Big Ben and other places mentioned in this website. Remember, to make the most out of your trip, you need to book a London Hotel keeping in mind all aspects like prices, transport near the hotel etc.


Who named London ?

The Romans named London as "Londinium" but it it became unheard because its protective military unit withdrew. There was no mention of it between 457 and 600. During that time, it became a Saxon (a member of a Germanic people in ancient times dwelling near the mouth of the Elbe, a portion of whom invaded and occupied parts of Britain in the 5th and 6th centuries.) trading town. Gradually one of considerable size. The Saxons used to call it "Lunduntown" or "Lundunburg", so it is easy to see how eventually the full name of London Town (as it would sound) was shortened to London. The name "London Town" is still used by some people.


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