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After helping our newly wed friends, Jayesh and Kavita, who were back from their wedding in India recently, all of us went to Chennai dosa and had a nice south Indian meal. A match between India Vs England, which was a part of the ICC Cricket world cup 2011, was going on and while we were having our meal, only a few overs were remaining. It was a very exciting match at the end but ended up in a draw. We were not very upset with the results as England was our second home :). Though the match was so exciting and though Cricket is England's national sport, I think hardly any Briton watched the game. I think most of them were watching Arsenal Vs Birmingham, which I think is normal as Football is very popular here. I mean, I don't think many Indians would have watched a world cup hockey match between Indian and England, if a T20 match would have been going on at the same time, though Hockey is India's national game :).
After seeing the couple off, me and my wife went to see Parveen and her sister. After seeing them when we were coming home after getting off the bus H91, we saw a middle aged white woman at a traffic light. She was crying and there was a guy talking on the phone and 2 women near her. Initially we thought it was all a part of an minor accident. But later as we crossed the road we saw that this Oldish lady also crossed the road with us and this time she was alone. As the lady didn't seem to have control over herself while walking, we approached her and asked her if she was okay and she said "No", while crying. We gave her a hand and made her sit on a seat nearby. She seemed to be a white English lady. She was crying and trembling and she said, "My mother died and I want to die". I felt very sorry for her. My wife was doing most of the talking. She said "We are very sorry to hear that but you need to go home now and that the things should be fine". The lady told that she lived near by. So, we walked her towards her house. On the way she also told that her tummy was hurting and when she held my wife's hand she said, "Why are your hands so cold?" :).Me and my wife smiled after what we had heard. Her house was not far. On the way there was a big truck which was carrying garbage and its engine and some lights on it were on. Seeing this truck, the lady got scared and said "what is this? it is so noisy". We said "Don't worry its just a truck". After reaching her house, she somehow managed to find the keys. Initially we thought that she lived alone but we came to know later that she rented a room. On seeing us outside, a house mate came out of his room and told us in very broken English, that she often comes home drunk and was very reluctant to help and refused to help. While all this was going on, the lady who was sitting on the floor suddenly fell down. Luckily I managed to get my hands under her head before it could hit the ground. We took her upstairs to her bed and she went off to sleep immediately.
We were not sure about her health. So, my wife called 999 and gave the police all the details. They took our details as well and told that some one will visit the lady to see if she was okay in the next 12 minutes!
We went home and told this to my brother in law and her wife.
I felt very sad for the poor lady. I don't know if she drinks often but I hope that she sorts herself out and everything is fine with her soon.

She told us her name but I have not mentioned it here.
Me - Girish Suryawanshi, my Wife - Shruti Vasant Suryawanshi, my brother in law - Ravi Vasant, His Wife - Prachi Dighe, Our friends - Kavita Pandya and Jayesh Utkur

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