What else do people do on the tube ?

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I cant remember doing things other than the following on a tube (in random order):

1. A group of college guys and girls playing Dumb Charades. I saw them twice in my carriage and I joined them both the times.

2. Read a book / Kindle / ipad etc..

3. Listen to music and sometimes forcibly make others listen to your music as well by keeping the volume high or wearing low quality earphones.

4. Revise for your exams.

5. Solve sudoku

6. Watch a film on your ipad / laptop etc..

7. Write and article like I wrote this one on the tube !

8. Think / Plan / set alarms etc...

9. Browse the internet until you are overground.

10. Play music on your guitar or other instrument without trying to disturb others.

11. Beg.

12. Not begging but just passing a message.

13. I haven't seen anyone doing this but I can say - Drawing (scratching) on the walls and windows ( by senseless people )

14. Couples kissing !

15. Sleeping

16. Doing nothing. Looking here and there.

17. Chit chatting on the phone or with companions on the tube.

18. Drawing (not on the windows or walls)....(good people)

19. Being drunk (Sleeping / Vomiting etc..)

20. Playing games like Pictionary

If you have seen people doing things other than the above, please comment below :)

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