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When it comes to south Asian food, we(me and Gaurav) usually prefer Indian food and hence were were thinking about going to some Indian restaurant after a tiring day. I had a lot of food before we left home to visit Portobello market and Hyde park. We had to walk a lot. In Portobello market I had a bit of falafel. So after the whole site seeing activity, I wasn't much hungry. But I guess Gaurav was and hence I just wanted to accompany him. We first went to "Rasoi"(means kitchen in Hindi). But Fruity(Gaurav) didn't like the buffet menu. Then we had a look at the menu of the new restaurant in Hounslow high street(I dont quite remember its name but its at a junction). We didn't like the menu there as well. Hence we thought of going to one of out favourite restaurant called Favours of India in Hounslow east/central. While walking towards it, we came across a Pakistani restaurant called "Lahori Karahi". We were hesitant to go in at the beginning but after looking at the menu, we thought of trying south Asian food from some other country. The rates were pretty decent too. So we went in and ordered for a chicken Karahi, half grilled chicken(which comes with potato chips and salad with mayo and red chutney), 2 butter nans and 2 cans of coke. To our surprise, the curry was very tasty. Fruity must have told me at least 20 times that the curry was awesome, lol. I was not hungry at all but the food was so tasty that I finished the nan and my bit of curry. We took the grilled chicken as take away. The waiters are very friendly. When Gaurav showed his appreciation towards the food to a waiter, he smiled and nodded and told us that that some of the best dishes in the restaurant were Nihari, Chicken karahi and lamb chops. Then he went away and came back to us and offered us with a free piece of lamp chop just for taste which was very nice of him. I told him that I would certainly put the restaurant's info. on my website and hence the blog. I would certainly recommend people to visit this restaurant located in Hounslow high street as the food is nice and very resonable too. See below for details like contact number, address and menu of the restaurant.

Address 1 - 2 Hanworth Road, Hounslow TW3 1UA

Address 2 - 417 Wembley High Road - HA9 7AB

Address 3 - 251 Station Road, Harrow HA1 2TB

Address 4 - 1 West Ealing Broadway, Uxbridge Road, W13 9DA

Contact Telephone number - 02085725861

Opening Hours - Sat-Thursday --> 12 PM - Midnight

                         Friday - 2PM - Midnight

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