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Since both me and my wife work and almost all other members of our house work as well, most of the times, there isn't any food left to take to work in the morning for lunch as most of it is finished on the previous day. So I've been having food mostly from the café "SO Deli", situated on my work floor. However, though they repeat their dishes and offer special dishes on special days, it often gets boring to eat the same cheesy stuff again and again so I don’t fancy having my afternoon meals over there everyday. And moreover being an Indian and having an inclination towards spicy Indian food doesn't help much :). I used to get take aways such as chicken / lamb biryani, chicken tikka in khomez or lamb kebabs etc from a shop which was just next to Liverpool street tube station gates (turnstiles). It used to be adjacent to a key shop near the turnstiles. But due to some construction work, it has been closed temporarily (or may be permanently). During my afternoon shifts I used to get food from McDonalds or Burger King but Burger King is also closed due to the above mentioned construction work. I sometimes get food from M&S but though the quality of the food is very high, the taste is not always very good and moreover some of the tasty dishes might be a bit expensive. So, coming to the point, I recently came to know about a nice Indian food joint near snowden street which is quite close to Liverpool Street as well. Its just a 5 minute walk away from Snowden street / Appold street. One of my colleagues who usually goes out for short strolls during the midday break `discovered` this place while heading towards the local Subway joint. He told about it to one of my other colleagues who liked the food as well and in turn told about it to me. A practical example of grapevine !
And this grapevine proved to be quite useful for me as I liked the food there, as well. I mean, it is quite good when you consider the fact of it being just for £3 per lunch box ! You can choose 3 veg or non veg or a combination of veg and non veg curries with plain rice. Its definitely worth trying. There are loads of other options in the shop but for some reason I didn't find the need to have a look around. I will definitely look around more, the next time I visit it. FYI, it was yesterday (28th March 2012) when I visited it for the first time and intend to visit it quite often, if not every day. Unfortunately, I didn't find out the name of the shop but will definitely do it when I visit it the next time. However, I can give you the directions which are as follows:

Lets start from the "Ping pong Dim Sum" restaurant on Appold Street (3 Appold Street EC2A 2AF). From Ping Pong, walk in the opposite direction of Liverpool street. On the way you see "La Anima" restaurant on your left and after that "Pizza Express" after which take a few steps ahead and take the left turn at the corner shop called B.L.T Deli. After taking left, and after passing by B.L.T Deli, you will see the following shops on your left : "City & Urban" and "WAUGH THISTLETON", just before you reach your final destination which I suppose is called "Shoreditch Stop". By the way I found its name on Google street view.

Contact - 020 7613 5151 or 07951 797 828


53 Great Eastern Street
Post code - EC2A 3HP

I just found out that they take online orders and deliver orders worth as low as £3.00 ! However the order should be within the area the post code of which starts with "EC2A". I ordered rice with lamb curry and chicken curry and onion bhaji (£0.50) just for £4.00 on the phone and there was no delivery charge. However you can order only before 16:00

Hope this helps the people working near and around this shop. If it doesn't, you can always try to order food online !

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    I tried to call them on their land line to order online. But all they say is "Hello Hello" in different pitches. So, I texted them my order. My post code was EC2M and they delivered to post codes starting with EC2A. They texted back telling that they deliver only to postcodes starting with EC2A. I texted telling its just a 3 minute drive. But they replied back saying they will not deliver. The food is prices are good though.

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