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 tier 1 visa extension

The following is just a writeup about how I applied and got my Tier 1 general visa extended successfully:

I was not selfemployed when I came to the UK for the first time in May 2007. I was working with TechMahindra Limited and they had issued a UK work permit for me. The duration of the WP was for 2 years. I applied for a fresh Tier 1 general around 7 months before my work permit was due to expire which was somewhere in October 2008. The documents required for Tier 1 general were very straight forward as at that time I was not self employed. I got my visa on 6th April 2009. It was for 3 years. Hence my visa was going to expire on 6th April 2012. After 2 years of getting my WP, I went back to India and resigned and came back and searched for a job. I got a long term rolling contract job. For the first year I was under an umbrella company and for the next year starting from 1st Jan 2011, I am self employed. I applied my extension on 5th November 2011 (I did not go via any agent). The following is a time line of my Tier 1 general extension:

Date of application Submission : 05-NOV-2011

Date of acknowledgement letter : 09-NOV-2011

Date of deduction of amount : 10-NOV-2011. Description -  VIS  "HOME OFFICE"  1500.00

Date Biometric email : 23-NOV-2011, title -  "Biometric Appointment Notification", from - [email protected]

Date Biometric letter : 25-Nov-2011

Date of Biometric appointment : 09-DEC-2011

Date of all documents received : 30-DEC-2011

Date mentioned on the approval letter present in the above documnts bynch - 28-DEC-2011

Date of delivery of biometric card (wife) : 05-JAN-2012

Date of delivery of biometric card (me) : 17-JAN-2012 (Before I received it, I Phoned on 03001232412 (option 1). They said - Biometric card Production delay. Should receive in some days.)

How to book Biometric appointment

Option 1 : Post office : If you do not have any dependants, then you can directly go to any of the post offices mentioned in the following link or follow instructions mentioned in "option 2" below - Biometric via post office

Price - £16.20

Note: When I applied in November 2011, the postoffice option for biometric for applicants with dependants was not available.

Option 2 : UKBA biometric offices: If you have dependants or if you do not have dependants, you can either call on or book appointment online here - Book online appointment for biometric

Note that you need to book an appointment within 16 days of the receipt of the biometric letter. In my case: I live in Hounslow (south-west London) and work in central London. But I couldnt get an quick appointment in london. Hence I booked an appointment in Croydon office. The appointment was after 15 days. I called up on 03001238895 and made sure that 15 days was okay. The UKBA official said that since you booked the appointment as soon as possible and since that was the earliest date you could get, it is fine.
On the day of appointment be there 30 minutes in advance. they will give you a token number and you will be called and they will take finger prints of all the fingers of both the hands. They will also take the picture of your eyes. All this happens within 15 minutes.

Documents for my Tier 1 visa extension:

Application Form

You can download the form here - Tier 1 general extension application form

I took a coloured printout. It is not mandatory, though.

The following guidance notes are quite helpful - Tier 1 general extension guidance notes

Age proof


Academics proof

1. Post graduation degree certificate

2. Post graduation passing certificate

3. Post graduation marksheet.

Note: You might not have to submit the above in case of a Tier 1 general extension as you might have already shown your academics during your first Tier 1 application. You can tick the appropriate option in the form (Already proved previously)

English language ability

Special certificate from University of Pune mentioning my degree was taught in English

Note: Same as the above point's note.

Previous Earnings (combination of selfemployment and previous contract employment umbrella company)

1. Employment Letter from umbrella company (your name, company name, location,joining date, end date(if applicable), NI number, signed and on letter head, date)

2. Salary slips (in front of each slip, process date, month ending, invoice total, deposited in hsbc, a/c no, deposit date)

3. Letter from accountant (company name, my name as director,date of birth, NI number,gross income(salary + dividend), net income, from and to perod, split of money,rest the accountant should know)

4. Financial statement (balance sheet signed by me) (accountant should know)

5. HMRC self assesment tax calculation sheet

6. Certificate of incorporation of private limited company

7. Any important letters from HMRC mentioning that you are self employed or regarding your VAT etc.

8. Invoices raised by me

9. Employment Letter from my agent(mentioning my company name, agent's company name, end client name, start date my role, etc..)

10. pay slips from accountant

11. Dividend vouchers from accountant

12. Personal bank statement (highlight with marker - salaries deposited, dividend diposited,personal tax paid)

Note: If you require the details of my accountant(who is based in Aldgate) or Umbrella company want to register with him for your business or limited company, please email [email protected]

Address proof (not sure if required, but I submitted)

House tenancy agreement

For dependant

Marriage certificate

Note: You can submit your dependant's bank statements, employee letter, etc..
My wife works but we didn't submit her bank statements etc thinking that the case worker may get confused between her bank statements and mine.


2 photos for main applicant (Name written on the back side)
2 photos for the dependant (Name written on the back side)

You can find the guidance here - Tier 1 general extension photos guide


I paid £1000 (for myself) + £500 (for dependant)
You can pay by cheque, postal order or by card. I payed by providing my debit card details in the application form.

For more details regarding payment options, see the last point in the following link - Tier 1 general extension payment options

Find more information on cost / fees here - Tier 1 general extension fees (see 1st point)

Address where you will post your application to

You can post your application to the address mentioned on the cover of the application form. Do a special and recorded delivery so that you can track your application using the royal mail tracking number.

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  1. ([email protected])

    Jayant, I mentioned my card details in the form for the payment. Sudharsan, I think the start date is 28th December and yes, I applied about 6 months before. By the way I've got ILR now Xxx, Not sure, but personally I think everything will be fine if you are getting the required points. Vishnu, Yes I think I got a standard employer letter for my wife from her company.

    Posted on

  2. vishnu ([email protected])

    Hi Girish, Did you get an acknowledgement letter on dependant name? How did you manage to provide the letter for dependants employer? Thanks in advance Vishnu

    Posted on

  3. xxx ([email protected])

    Hi, i applied for my Tier1 general extension. Ukba returned me passport bkz they said i b issued with a biometric card. It was a same day case but they needed further checks. After two weeks they asked me to send my passpot to them again. Is it something to worry about?? Please guide. Regards

    Posted on

  4. Sudharsan ([email protected])

    Good info. May I know what is your start date of extended visa ? I think you applied 6months before your visa expires

    Posted on

  5. Jayant ([email protected])

    Hi, Could you kindly tell me if you paid the visa extension fees by a VISA debit card ?

    Posted on

  6. ([email protected])

    I think all the documents you require are mentioned above. You wouldn't require all the docs mentioned above to show your earnings because you are on salary. So you can just show your UK salary slips and UK bank account. To show Indian earnings, you can show the Indian bank statements and Indian salary slips. For example, I showed my UK allowance slips and UK bank statements for UK earnings and Indian salary slips and Idbi bank statements. Note that I showed this when I was on allowance and not self employed. On my previous company's intranet, we had a facility to download Indian and UK salary slips. So I downloaded the required ones and got a stamp and signature from the HR.

    Posted on

  7. Krishna ([email protected])

    Great! my case is same like you, i have got my visa 7th April 2009 and it's going to expire on 7th April 2012. I am planning to apply my extension on first week of April, the reason is i will be qualifying once i have received my march month salary because i have been entered into UK on August 2011 and i need your help... 1. What are the documents would i need to submit, I have been employed in Polaris UK? 2. what are the documents i need to submit for my outside of UK earnings? looking forward your reply.

    Posted on

  8. ([email protected])

    Thanks Ashish, I have your email and have emailed you my contact email. I will try my best to resolve your queries.

    Posted on

  9. Ashish ([email protected])

    Girish- great blog. Need help re two issues, which you also may have encountered and dealt with - 1. Tier1 extension on contract 2. Visa for mother, a widow I know you have covered the same in your blog, but I'd appreciate if you share your email id so that I may get in touch with you, please. I am based in london. ashish

    Posted on

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