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  1. My pic on London news paper :)

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    I am smiling as I write this blog as my picture along with my wife is published on the page 3 of London evening standard (see below links to the original pdf). I am on a London tube and I can see around 10 to 15 people around me who are reading this news paper. I am trying to show them my face just to see if they recognize
    It all started when I received an email from Mark Blunden, who is a reporter of the London evening standard. He sent this email via a feedback form on the London olympics page on my website, :). He was doing some sort of case study on the people who have got London Olympic tickets and wanted to discuss my experience. I called him immediately and he asked me a few questions. I also emailed some stuff related to my experience and after a few hours he emailed me the live pdfs of the paper which got distributed a few hours later. I picked two copies of it from the bunches placed in front of my workplace :)

    Below are the two pdf :

    Front Page - London Evening Standard - 22-Jun-2011

    Page 3 - London Evening Standard - 22-Jun-2011

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