Family UK ( London ) visitor visa for my mother

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*** Latest Udate *** - Click here to see my father's article where he has mentioned how he applied and got Family visitor visa for himself and my mum to visit me in the UK from India.

New rules from 5 March 2012

1. You need to fill and submit the visa application form online.

2. They have stopped accepting Manually filled applications.

3. Book an appointment to attend visa centre using

4. For special cases ( Premium Lounge, Fast Track or Prime Time facilities ), you can book here -

5. No one but only YOU have to go for the appointment with :
     A. Printout of application form

     B. supporting docs

     C. Printout of email confirmation

For completeinformation see -


I have been waiting for a long time to get my mom to the UK and I managed to submit her application a few days ago (05-MAY-2011). I thought of sharing the information required to apply a family visitor visa for UK from India. So here it it. It was my father and mother who actually went to the Kalyani Nagar office in Pune to submit all the documents required for a UK family visitor visa. I didn't have much time to collect the documents required from my side for my mom's visa before I flew to India from the UK. However I think I have managed to provide the important ones. Having said that, I would like to mention that some of those documents are photocopies of the originals and some are photocopies of the scanned documents. We submitted the following documents for my mother's family visitor visa to visit the UK (London).

1. Fund maintenance:

   My last 6 month's UK's personal account's bank statements.
   My last 6 month's UK's business account's bank statements (Since I am selfemployed now).
   My last 6 month's India's NRE account's bank statements.
   My father's last 6 month's India's personal account's bank statements.(Showing his financial support towards her.)

2. Last 6 months salary slips. I have been self employed since a few months hence I requested a letter from my auditor(accountant) and a letter from my agent. I also attached copies of Form 16 and P45 to show my earnings after I got self employed. I also submitted salary slips of my previos contract, before becoming selfemployed.

3. UK address proof:

   My UK house agreement (rented house)
   Council tax bill

4. Proof of house in India

   Indian home tax copy. This is to show that my mum will return back to India as she has a house there and that she has not come to the UK for any kind of employment. See a visa refusal example . Also See the list of visitor's visa documents which could have avoided this refusal.

5. Letter from my agency mentioning that I have a contract with them (Same as mentioned above).

6. Letter from my auditor mentioning that I am self employed and that my company's name is XYZ and what were my earnings(Same as mentioned above).
   Forms P45 and P60 to support the earning figures mentioned in the letter.

7. My parents marriage certificate. Since they didn't have one, they provided an affidavit.

8. Full 36 pages photo copy of the passports of my mother, father, myself and my wife.

9. Details and passport copies of the person who will escort my mom. (my wife was going to escort her but that was not possible due to time constraints)

10. Copy of my limited company's certificate.

11. Invitation letter to the British High Commision by me to my mother. Click the link on the left to view the invitation letter.

12. Visa Fees - Rs. 5700

13. UK family visitor application form

I would like to mention some points here. My mother is a housewife and though she has a bank account. We did not show the funds maintained by her as the amount of funds was not significant. Hence we decided to show my Fathers fund maintenance along with mine. To prove the relation between my parents, we provided the marriage certificate (or affidavit). There is no hard and fast rule which mentions the exact amount of funds that need to be maintained by the sponsor (me) or the candidate (mother / father). Some say maintenance of £550 for 1 dependant for 6 months is enough. On the other hand some say you require £3000 maintained for 6 months. But I don’t think there is any hard and fast rule. I maintained around £2000 for 3 months before applying. During the last stages of these 3 months my balance was £4000 and just a few days before applying it was around £8000. However, I think showing around £1500 should be enough as some of my friends were students in the UK when they got their parents here and maintaining high sums of money for for long periods is not very easy for students. Hence I would say £1500 should be enough. Its just my opinion, though. You can find some guidelines here - Guide to fill UK Family visitor form. The proof of a house in India is required to show that my mother will return India after her visit and has not come to the UK with the intension of working here. It has been 5 working days and we have not heard from the home office. However they told us to contact them after 10 days. Click on the following to know the --> Visa processing times.

Even after 10 days I did not hear anything from the Visa people. Hence I emailed them on the address '[email protected]'. I got a reply from them which is here - reply from UK visa Helpdesk.

Latest update on my mother's visa ( 1st June 2011): This morning my mom received a text (SMS) from the VFS helpline saying "Processed application delivered to Blue Dart on 01 Jun 2011 AWB NO.: In transit". Which means a decision is made and I hope it is a success. I think the passport should be delivered by 1 or 2 days. We applied her visa on 5th May 2011 and got an SMS today (01-JUN-2011). So it took about 27 days for VFS to deliver the visa. I might take 2 to 3 days more for the passport to arrive. So I would say it took 1 month for the whole process. This being summer time in the UK, there must have been a lot of applications and hence the delay. I will let you guys know about the end result as soon as I come to know about it.

Update as on 2nd June 2011 -  My mother's passport and all the documents we submitted while applying for her visa have arrived via Bluedart. However there is no one home right now, so my brother or Dad will open the packet and the passport and will let me know if the visa is stamped on the passport or not later in the evening. Fingers crossed !

Update as on 3rd June 2011 -  My brother just called me and told me that my mother got her visa for 6 months :)

My mom will fly to the UK on 16th June 2011. If you have any doubts regarding the above, please comment below and i will comment back with my knowledge about the question. After about a month I applied visitor visa for my Father and he also also joined us. Today is 31-October-2011 and he is here in the UK. He will return back on 19th Nov. My Mother returned to India after about 2 to 2 and half months as she was too sensitive to cold. I postponed her air ticket after she was here and then had to prepone it again as the winter approached. For every change Air India charged about Rs 5000. And for the single change in the dates of the tickets for my Dad for the Muscat Airlines, I was charged around Rs 3000.


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  1. Asiya Mushtaq ([email protected])

    i want to call my mother and sister for visit. which form and how i can call them for 10 days.please advise

    Posted on

  2. isha ([email protected])

    Hi Girish I am planning to call my parents here in UK. I wonder how many bank statements do they need to show? is it for 6 months ? Although i am going sponsor the whole trip do they need to show a minimum amount in their accounts? if so, do you know how much should be there and for how long ?

    Posted on

  3. samah khakifa ([email protected])

    I am pregnancy and i woulx like to send visa to my neas to come and help me

    Posted on

  4. Sheetal ([email protected])

    Hi Garish, Me and my husband are planning to visit my brother in law (husbands brother) in UK and would be applying for a family visitor visa. I'm a housewife and supported by my husband and do not have enough funds to show in my bank account. Can my husbands bank statements and BIL statements be enough to show that they will be sponsoring me. I would be providing my marriage certificate as well.also if my husband deposits some amount in my account do the officials question the authenticity. Also in the application form what do we mention in the column where it is asked how much funds do u have for the trip as I don't have enough funds.

    Posted on

  5. ([email protected])

    Hi, congratulations on the success of ur moms visa. I wish everyone gets their visa that easily. My question is did u submit the bank statements n pay slips original or scanned from ur side? ori

    Posted on

  6. Florina ([email protected])

    Hello I would like to invite my familly in UK pm my wedding day . I need to Know What so they need for their visa .

    Posted on

  7. sofie ([email protected])

    Please i have a question , my mother is planning to visit me here in UK as i am going to conceive my baby . Can she sponsor herself ? or she needs my husbands bank statement proof because i am a housewife and my mother is working ?

    Posted on

  8. Roshan ([email protected])

    Hi, Do i need to book flight and submit flight ticket for UK Visitor visa application? Thanks

    Posted on

  9. Roshan ([email protected])

    Do i need to book flight and submit flight ticket for UK Visitor visa application?

    Posted on

  10. Samir ([email protected])

    Need help guys!! I'm looking to invite my parents and my sister n her husband and my nephew to attend my wedding in the uk do they need to fill in 1 application each or the application is up to 2 person!?

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  11. Dalia ([email protected])

    Thank you , Very useful article

    Posted on

  12. Angeline ([email protected])

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. Very helpful.

    Posted on

  13. mohamed fajal ([email protected])

    hai my father is british citizen from the birth and i am above 18 year living in india,how can i get british citizen what are the type of way is available to live in UK with my father please reply to my mail ID

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  14. ([email protected])

    Great article. Thanks for the info, it?s easy to understand. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out an application VAF1A online,I found a blank form here:

    Posted on

  15. jian ([email protected])

    I would like to bring my mum from Iraq to visit me in London what I need to do pls

    Posted on

  16. Daniel ([email protected])

    Hello,i wanna invite friend to uk,what documents needed to be sent to him.hes sponsering his self,if he is sponsering his self does i have to add my bank statement?and or i should only send him invitation and passport page

    Posted on

  17. ([email protected])

    Dear Respected Sir/Madam We want to apply/husband (Student)/ wife for the UK student visa from Pakistan and I want to show the two Bank Statements 20 lac each. One statement is of my husband Account and the other one is of my husband Mother's account National Saving Karachi Account UKBA Approved Bank. My Husband mother saved this Amount Fixed National Savings Certificate Account Karachi for Son higher studies. The amount of 20 lac in my hasband Mothers account is currently on a National Savings Certificate Account plan from which we get some profit every month. However, she can withdraw this 20 lac Cash at any time, which she'll do after my visa process to meet my expenditures. So can we used the amount of my husband Mother in National Saving Account Karachi plan as our bank statement as it can be withdrawn Cash at any time Please inform me as soon as Possible I use my husband(student) mother account /Self Account total show two account so that i can Start my husband /wife Student Visa Process

    Posted on

  18. David Graham ([email protected])

    so please,if I want six months visa to UK ,what is the main thing to do to get the visa?

    Posted on

  19. ([email protected])

    hi,my wife is pregnant and we are planning to invite my sister in law for visit during the last month of pregnancy. she is a student in paksitan. she has no saving. i am going to sponsor her. what document should i provide and is it safe to tell the embassy that the purpose to visit is to help us? thanks

    Posted on

  20. VIJAY ([email protected])

    hi all, i want to apply my mother visa from India.I want to know what documents i need to show.I have tire2 visa. Thanku

    Posted on

  21. ARJUN KUMAR ([email protected])


    Posted on

  22. Manish ([email protected])

    Hi All, I would like to know what documents i need to show and how long the procedure takes for my mother-in-law to visit in UK. My is pregnant and we recently have applied for our Visa-extension under Tier-4 category-have provided the biometrics however waiting for our visa. And not much time left as the baby is due soon. Can anyone please guide on the documents my mother-in-law need to file and even us from here.

    Posted on

  23. shalom ([email protected])

    hi all, i need to get my mom to the UK as i'm pregnant, all her finance and our part of docs are ok. my only she doesnt have any relative back in her native country, so im worried if they'll refuse as she wont return back, my 2 sister are living in australia and my father has passed away. can i just say my 2 sister are in home country with my mom?

    Posted on

  24. abhijeet ([email protected])

    Hey thanks for giving all informative details.

    Posted on

  25. Amit ([email protected])

    Hi Girish, i will be applying for UK visit visa this month and i have a sponsor, my family friend , a UK citizen. I wanted to know how latest or old the bank statements should be? And my father has deposited some amount into my joint account , half by account transfer and half by cash, in short, bulk transfer. Will that be a issue which applying for visa? Regards Amit

    Posted on

  26. Piyush Sharma ([email protected])

    Hi, I have been in UK since Sep 2010 and came here to do my MBA from the University of Edinburgh. Last year, after my MBA course was over, I successfully applied for my Tier 1 PSW visa which is now valid till Nov 2013. In Dec last year, I got a job with Southern Water as a Resource Planning and MI Manager on a fixed term contract for 11 months and with an annual salary of GBP 37,200. My contract with Southern Water has recently ended (11 months over on 31 Oct 2012) and now I have started my own limited company (CRMI Planning Limited) and my first contract is with a company called Aston Carter who have a project with Barclays Bank in Poole. I am now working as a contractor on a daily rate of 275 pounds per month. I wanted to invite my mother and my sister on a family visit visa for 2-3 months and I was wondering about what documents to show from an employment perspective. I do have a rent agreement, council tax bills, address proof and good sums of money in the bank account - but the only concern is now with my employment thingy and what documents to show to satisfy the visa people. Any help would be much appreciated. Regards, Piyush

    Posted on

  27. shann ([email protected])

    hi, I want to go uk for a holiday family visitor visa. My husband is a british citizen .I have a 4 months bank statement bangladeshi takka 3300000 and my husband has 2 months bank statement 3000 pound,Is this enough for family visitir visa?Please give me the whole information.I will be very thank full to you. Thanks & Regards.

    Posted on

  28. ([email protected])

    Hi. I would like to invite my sister on family visitor visa at the same time my husband wana bring his mum. We both are British citizen n have a three bedroom house. Is it possible to sponsor both of them at the same time?

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  29. Meena ([email protected])

    Hi Sir, This is really useful website. I have cleared few doubts by reading the article and going through your responses to other posters. I still have one question though. Last October [2011] I sponsored visitor visa for my mother-in-law. She came to UK in Mar '12 and left in Apr '12. Now I am sponsoring for my mom, who has submitted her application in VFS chennai today. As this is my 2nd sponsor within 2 years, will it be ok? Both my mom/mother-in-law are not working. I showed my UK bank account. Anyway for safer side I maintained my mom's bank balance as INR 1 lakh for 3 months, and she has submitted her bank statement too. Will this be ok? I am in 8th month of pregnancy and looking forward for her arrival, but quite nervous about this '2nd sponsor within 2 years' condition. Kindly could you clarify?? Thanks, Meena

    Posted on

  30. Anil ([email protected])

    Thanks for creating this post and has been a helpful reference. My parents had visited me in the UK in the past and this time I needed to apply for my mother's visa alone. We applied for a 5 year General Visitor visa under the Fast track scheme at Mumbai VFS and the passport/visa was delivered in 2 days. Checklist is fairly as you have stated but I have felt that giving proof covering 6 months is a bit going overboard. 3 months is a good enough time for any employment/financial proof and this is what I have been doing for my tier1 applications. My mother is a housewife and is a joint account holder with my father. My father did attach a note with the application saying he supports my mother in India and would continue to do so post her return from the UK.

    Posted on

  31. raj ([email protected])

    Hi If I am inviting my parents for 2 weeks how much I should show on my a/c and how many months?

    Posted on

  32. Manish ([email protected])

    Actually I have made some changes in online visa application form manually. I have changed the long term to short term and also in free column, Is there will be any problem in my visa processing. I m so confused please help me...

    Posted on

  33. Honey ([email protected])

    Hello Girish,Is the Marriage certificate is required for an old couple,as they are having only the certificate given by the cast. Thanks

    Posted on

  34. yogita ([email protected])

    hi sir, It will be a great help if u can advise me that how much funds required to show from india and how old funds like 28 days or more in case if i need to visit my mother here in uk for family visitor visa as i m pregnant.plz reply me soon.thanks.

    Posted on

  35. Nira ([email protected])

    Hi, I just wanted to know that while applying for a dependant visa of a tier 2 migrant, (my husband is the migrant and I am the dependant) can the maintainance funds required be a combination of funds from both our accounts over 90 days? thanks in advance

    Posted on

  36. Louber Alexis L. Minaldo ([email protected])

    Hi Girish, i would like to ask if you passed the letter of invitation here in the uk and in if your parents passed it also in india?do I need to pass original docs?is it by post, email or fax? thanks.

    Posted on

  37. kumar ([email protected])

    Hi Girish My friend's parents came to the uk as family visitos and stayed for almost 180 days. They ve returned to India this week. Can they now apply for family visa again in the next few weeks, which would dmean more than 6 months stay in a 12 month period?

    Posted on

  38. sundeep ([email protected])

    hi girish, do you have sample of NOC letter? i am sponsoring my friend's mother she is a house wife but doesn't have much funds available in her account also her husband much funds as well so i will be showing my docs i.e salary slips, bank statements etc. could you please advise me what sort of documents we can show from her side to make her case strong?

    Posted on

  39. Rabi ([email protected])

    Hi Grish, I want to sponsor my mother to visit me in London. She is living in Pakistan and her age is 50+. Me, my husband and my 3 years old son living in 1 bed room luxuries rented flat. We are on indefinite leave and can apply for British passport after 6 months. My husband is working in Tesco as a Manger and i am house wife and doing my own work like web optimization. Can you guide me how i can apply for my mother. which document we need? Please give me the whole information.I will be very thank full to you. Thanks & Regards.

    Posted on

  40. Jay-da ([email protected])

    Hi Girish, I wanted to ask about your friend who applied for his mother in law who didn't have a bank account. A face a similar situation. I want to invite my mom and 17 year old brother but both don't have bank accounts back home. Do you think having alot of funds in my UK account will be enough even if they don't have bank accounts back home? Also did your friends mother in law get the visa in the end? and exactly how many weeks after he opened the Indian account for her the applied?

    Posted on

  41. louan ([email protected])

    Hi Girish, Im louan from philippines, my husband is a pensioner british citizen, we 1 year old daughter and she is born in the philippines, and the question is I don't have work just a plain housewife and we only £1500 savings of my husbands account, this is the only funds we got aside from he's pensione from the government, can we still get a visit visa?

    Posted on

  42. Larisa ([email protected])

    Hi Girish, my name is Lora, my boyfriend lives in UK and is UK citizen and inviting me for a 2 months visit. We did a lot of search on what documents we need and what we have to do, but just have a few questions to clarify. We know that as him being my sponsor for the trip he has to show supporting documents that he is able to pay for my stay. We plan on writing an invitation letter and attach his 6 months bank statements and tenancy agreement and pay slips but we aren't sure if we must attache the originals that he has to send by post to me (i live in Moldova), or if he can just scan them. He says he wouldn't like to send the original pay slips cos they are important and the tenancy agreement. Also do we need to show some evidence of our relationship, can he write in the invitation letter that we are unmarried partners? Also about the bank statements that u showed from indian accounts did u have to translate them into english? And finally about the tickets, i have read on the uk border agency site that we have to show that we booked tickets but then on another page they say we shouldnt make any nonrefundable payments, so i am not sure, i know i have to show evidence about the tickets so how shud i do that? Thank you, hope to hear from you, sorry its a lot to read. Hope you can help. Always good to get advice from someone who already passed through all this :)

    Posted on

  43. Raj ([email protected])

    Hi Grish, I would like to invite my father in law , mother in law & brother in law (Above 18 years) to visit me & my wife in uk on family visiting visa. I am in uk on tier 2 visa. Can you please answer my quires regarding visa application? 1) How many application is required to submit via online? Is separate application required for my father in law & mother in law or single application? 2) What relationship they can put in relationship category as there is not category for son in law or brother in law? 3) Do they have to submit 3 sets of required documents or 1 set of documents is enough during biometrics scan appointment for all three on same day? Thanks, Raj

    Posted on

  44. muhammad tufail ([email protected])

    i have got admission in Phd in one of the university of UK. so can i go with my wife??? while she is pragrant... Plz???

    Posted on

  45. Dipti ([email protected])

    Hi Girish, I am planning to get my parents in Uk as a faimily visitor. Have few silly questions: 1. Do i have to create different logins and submit the online application form for each - one for my mom and other one for dad? 2. Do we need to book flight tickets to show proof that they will return to india. Or a Property is enough ?

    Posted on

  46. Gopish ([email protected])

    Hi Girish, I am working in an Indian IT company, will be travelling to UK, and my Work Permit/visa is under process. I want to make the travel of my mother along with me, because if Iam there in UK, she cannot travel alone to UK from India. 1) Will she be applying General or Family Visitor Visa? 2) After filling the online form, How much time will it take for my mother to get visa stamped? (Company will make my travel within 25 days). Any Fast Track process is there? What is the fees? 3) 8.2 Are you travelling with anyone? 8.3 Do they already have a visa for the UK? Options are -Yes -No -They don?t need one What should be filled in the above 2 questions? 4) The form asks : 8.7 Where will you stay in the UK? Please provide the full address, telephone number and email address of all the places where you will be staying during your visit, including hotels. I will be filling the Client Office address. Can my mother mention the same? 5) 8.8 Do you have any friends or family in the UK? Answer Yes/No. If ?Yes?, please provide the full name, nationality,address, telephone number, their permission to stay in the UK and explain how they are related to you e.g. ?My mother?s brother?s son? I have only my would be Manager's Name, Phone, email and Client office address, should my mother also fill the same? And this person (my Manager) should be treated as Friend or Family? As a discalimer says: "REMINDER: If the main purpose of your trip is to visit family (as defined in the Guidance) then you should have completed VAF1B" Please answer these ques, I will be highly thankful to you. Regards, Gopish.

    Posted on

  47. ([email protected])

    Manvir, you can find the doc list in this blog. Bali, You can send an invitation letter and your parents can send a cover letter. I don't think a sponsorship letter is required and like you mentioned it should be the same as the invitation letter. I think too many letters might confuse them. So 2 should be sufficient. Thanks.

    Posted on

  48. Bali ([email protected])

    Hi Girish, I would like my parents to visit me under family visitor visa. I am ready with my invitation letter... but would not my parents need to have a cover letter to submit their case for visa listing all documents they are submitting including what ever docs i have sent to them. Also, do we need sponsorship letter or is sponsorship letter same as invitation letter? Thanks Bali

    Posted on

  49. ([email protected])

    I find there good information about the family visa rules and other things that important for this. I like such kind of informational posts so much and such kind of posts help us a lot and also improve our knowledge.

    Posted on

  50. ([email protected])

    Hello I m t4 general student....I want to Sponsor to my mom for a baby care..... My baby due date is sep..... My qus is which docment need for my mother....... Thanks 4 help...

    Posted on

  51. Krish ([email protected])

    I have sponsored two family members in April. I have a question that - Can i sponsor another member in May?

    Posted on

  52. ([email protected])

    Thanks Krish, 1. Regarding your first question see my below comment posted on "Posted on 6:00pm Wednesday 25th Apr 2012" 2. Regarding your second, I have heard this from many people and you can show that the applicant has some strong connections back home like properties etc. This proves that the applicant will return back after his / her visit and won't continue to stay after his / her visa expires for working purposes. To be very sure, you can email - [email protected].

    Posted on

  53. ([email protected])

    Hi Farid, I am not sure but it should be the case. But you should provide your company documents like company formation certificate, and other documents mentioned here - To be very sure, you can email - [email protected].

    Posted on

  54. Farid ([email protected])

    Hi Girish Thank you so much for your valuable advice. Are you sure that I can show my Company's account.

    Posted on

  55. Krish ([email protected])

    i read your blog and it is very interesting. I would like to know what if the applicant doesnt have any funds and just have an bank account and family in UK is sponsoring for that applicant? moreover i heard we should show that the applicant needs reason to return in back from UK and for this some evidence to be shown.. is this required???

    Posted on

  56. ([email protected])

    Hello Farid, I think you can show any of the following depending on which account has the largest amount of savings and since a long time: 1. Your company account 2. Your personal account 3. Both of your accounts 3. Your wife can sponsor Figure out which account has the most savings and been maintained in good condition since about 3 months. Please also see what other docs you may require to submit in the above article.

    Posted on

  57. Farid ([email protected])

    Hello Girish I want to sponsor my brother who is in India. I run a company. Can I use my Company's account to sponsor my brother. I also have a personal account in which I have £2700, but this account is not maintained properly. As I rarely transfer money from my business account to personal account. Other option-My wife who is a british national, can she sponsor her, even she has a saving of £3000 in her bank account since last one weeks. Thanks Farid

    Posted on

  58. ([email protected])

    One of my colleagues created a bank account in India on the name of his mother in law just a week before she applied her visa. He added Rs 100000. However, He had around £15000 to £20000 in his UK account. So, I am not sure if the combined amount you are showing would be enough, but if you plan to apply, I would suggest show more money in your mother's account, show any properties on her name. Also, if applicable, show your father's funds showing they are married etc... Among the people who I know who sponsored for a visitor visa and who showed around £2000 in the UK account showed around 500000 or more in the Indian account. Good luck

    Posted on

  59. nishant ([email protected])

    Hi, I am currently on a student visa and on a full time placement. I am planning to call my mother here for 2 months. I was just wondering if maintaining showing 2000 pounds in my account and 100000 rupees in my mother's account will be enough to get the visa

    Posted on

  60. ([email protected])

    I am not sure from which country she resides in currently. My parents and the close relatives most of the people who have commented below have most likely come from India. But she should show her maintenance anyway. She can show her pay slips and for her freelancing jobs, she can show her previous earning proofs as well as some kind of written letter from the employer mentioning her earnings. Because in my case, when I applied for my Tier 1 general work visa extension, I was self employed and got a letter from my accountant which mentioned my earnings from self employment. I also submitted some more proofs which you can find here - But in your Mother's case, she is visiting. sho I think she has to show money in her account to prove that she can take care of her maintenance expenses. I am not sure if you are talking about £100 / month or day or week ? But £100 per month or even week would be quite low for the visa I think. I would suggest you to ask your mother to show more money in her account. My be you can sponsor her and show that she will live with you and you can show your earnings and maintenances and hers as well ? that might make the case stronger. Basically, you or her or both of you should be able to show enough money in your accounts. If your mother is not coming form India, I would suggest you to check her country's UK visa website as well.

    Posted on

  61. ([email protected])

    Hi. I am helping my mum applying for her UK visitor Visa. She is in full time employment and she can support herself financially. I only have a question about filling in the space 'Total Income from all employments/occupations after tax' As she is working for a construction company and receive a quite low monthly wage. She also do some freelance contracts (she is in construction industry) so the actual sum is not too bad. However she does not have the pay slips for her freelance jobs. She said she only has the signed contracts with clients. Because those kind of construction contracts don't give monthly income but it is some kind of business she will get the profit only after a long period of time (says few months at least). So do you think I should only provide them with the figure regarding her salary from the main job? Is there any chance that the application will be rejected if the salary is too low (approximately £100 only). Please note, on the other hand she has a saving account of sufficient fund for 3 months. I look forward to your reply! Many thanks !

    Posted on

  62. ([email protected])

    Hi Ajit, Q. Is there any problem if I fill her form myself here on her behalf & send her the printout (as she isn't very computer-savvy) ? A. I think that shouldn’t be a problem Q. Will £4000 be sufficient for a 4-week stay for her ? A. That should be fine as well :) Good luck.

    Posted on

  63. Ajit ([email protected])

    Hi, I am also planning to get my Mom here for a short trip (1 month). I take it that the form has to be filled online by her in India and she then has to book an appointment with VFS and go there with the printed form. Is there any problem if I fill her form myself here on her behalf & send her the printout (as she isn't very computer-savvy) ? Also, she's coming here for 1 month and her application will include my bank statement (with current balance being around 4000 pounds) as I am sponsoring her visit. I will be looking after her rent and accommodation and have included my bank balance, payslips and my apartment's rental contract to support this. Will that amount probably be sufficient for a 4-week stay for her ? I know there is no mention anywhere about an exact amount but I just want to know whether this amount seems ok for getting her a UK family visitor visa (6 months, but her return ticket is included & it's for a month after her arrival). Kindly let me know. :) Thanks, Ajit.

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  64. ([email protected])

    Hi Musi (Wed 18th Apr 2012 at 16:48), Thanks, as far as I remember, I emailed pdfs or screen shots of some of my bank statements and my Father took printouts of them in India.

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  65. ([email protected])

    Hi Santosh (Sun 8th Apr 2012 at 12:54), Yes, though you are a dependant you can apply to sponsor a family visitor from India. One of my close friends confirmed this with the visa office in Pune, Kalyani Nagar. Though she is a dependant, she will be calling her parents next month. I don't think you require to show the document of the person on whom you are dependant. Hi Cage (Wed 18th Apr 2012 at 08:45), Thanks. Yes, the council tax should be enough. I wanted to submit both but I forgot one of the 2. Dont remember which one. I think I have mentioned it somewhere in the above article. But, yeah, either of the 2 should be fine. Hi Prabhjinder (Wed 18th Apr 2012 at 15:35), Sorry, but I am not aware of the Work Holiday Maker visa. I hope you find the required info somewhere, may be here - Good luck

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  66. Musi ([email protected])

    Hi, I really like your blog, it's very helpful. Coud you please tell me which docs were not original? Thanks

    Posted on

  67. ([email protected])

    hi im prabh from amritsar.i got whm visa 29 10 2009,i want to visit in uk now, can i apply without sponser

    Posted on

  68. Cage ([email protected])

    Hi, Nice information here. Is council TAX bill enough for proof of residency without tenancy agreement? Thank you

    Posted on

  69. Santosh ([email protected])

    Hello, I seek your advise regarding Family visit visa for my mother. I am living in the UK on Tier1 Dependent visa. my spouse is the primary applicant. I am working on permanant role. Can i invite, sponser my mother for 2 months visit visa. I will send my 6 months bank statements and salary slips, tenency agreement etc. Do I need to show bank statements and salary slips of my spouse also? She has taken break from her job and currently not working. Also i am showing 5000 pounds in my bank account. Hope it is sufficient to sponser my mother??

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  70. ([email protected])

    Well recently one of my friends applied for his mother in laws visa and when she went to the chennai office they explicitly asked for her for proof of her Indian earnings/funds/maintenance. My friend had created an account for her in India and deposited around 2 lakh rupees just a week before she submitted her docs. So she showed the bank statement of that account. He had around 15K to 20K in his UK account. In my case, for my mom, I showed my dad's funds as well and showed that they were married. I think I showed 6 months statements and of those 6 months, the first month's balance was about 2000K and gradually increased as the months proceeded. Ideally, you might not have to show her bank details as you are sponsoring but I have not come across anyone who has not shown their Indian funds. So if your mother or father or may be siblings have bank accounts back home, then you have nothing to lose to show the funds. I have heard from many guys that the more money you show the better are the chances of getting the visa :)

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  71. Krish ([email protected])

    I am happy to know about your successfull visa. I have one question. I am in UK and applying for my mom to visit here in UK. I am sponsoring for her and have collected all the required documents. I just wanted to know that since I am sponsoring her, do I need to show her bank statement? or her itenerary tickets are enough to show that she is returning back to india.

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  72. ([email protected])

    I don’t think it is mentioned anywhere that one needs to show his / her account if their family visitor is showing their account. I found the following in the visit visa guide (see above point nunmber 13), according to which it dosen't seem that you need to show your account details. However, I think if you show your accounts as well. The case might be more stronger. 5.16 Who will pay for your travel to the UK? This will be the person(s) paying the cost of your flight and any internal travel. Please give the full name(s) of anyone providing funds for your travel. If you personally are paying for your travel please state ‘Myself ’. 5.17 Who will pay for your expenses such as accommodation and food? This will be the person(s) paying the cost of your accommodation (e.g. hotel) and food. Please give the full name(s) of anyone providing funds for your accommodation and food. If you personally are paying for your accommodation and food please state ‘Myself ’.

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  73. Luthfya ([email protected])

    Hi, if i want to call my mom & if they are showing their bank account do we need to show our accounts ... Please advise...if my mom can show thier buisness & personal account so is that ok Please advise

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  74. ([email protected])

    Bali, I personally think it might not be necessary to show a property back home because just because one does not have a property, they cannot, not allow the family visitor from visiting UK. There might be so many people who may not have a property back home. I think what matters is how much money you and the visitor shows. The following doc shows the documents you would require to show - This mentions about showing property documents. However i think it is not mandatory. Well the following is not about the property but about maintenance : One of my friends recently applied a family visitor visa for his mother in law and got it. His mother in law didn't even have an Indian account to show money. He had around £15K to £20K here though. Just for the sake of showing something, he opened an Indian account on his mother in Law's name and transferred around 1 to 2 Lakhs and applied after around a week after the opening of the account. Regarding showing property documents, I personally feel it is not mandatory. It would be nice if some one posts here their experience where the visitor didn't show any property and still got the visa. Cheers, Girish.

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  75. Bali ([email protected])

    Hi, Is it really necessary to have a property to show that u (visitor) will be back to homeland within 6 months. My parents are staying in a rented house in India and my father is working as selfemployed(since he is not commission based job) in a store so I am not sure if his employer would provide any letter of employment(or if it makes sense also). So very much interested to know what document should I provide to assure that my parents would go back to India in 6 months. Thanks Bali

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  76. ([email protected])

    @Suchana...Today my brother in law 's wife's dad enquired in the VFS office in Pune to know if a dependant can sponsor for a family visitor visa and the official said yes. Hope this helps.

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  77. ([email protected])

    FYI - A few days ago my Manager applied for a family visitor visa for his Mother in Law so that she can come to the UK and take care of his wife as her due date was approaching. He applied her visa via the fast track option. He however, later realised that he did not have proper proof of the maintenance of funds by his mother in Law or her husband. He realised this when the application was submitted and the person at the counter said "where is the proof of maintenance of funds in India ?". A few days before submitting the application, he created a bank account for his mother in law and deposited around 1 lakh rupees in her account. He was quite worried as he did not submit and proof or any bank statements to show the fund maintenance in India. however he had showed that he has around £15000 to £25000 in the UK. But he was worried as the person at the visa counter in India explicitly asked for fund maintenance proof in India. But luckily his visa got processed successfully. They may have seen a lot of funds in the UK account and might have considered as it was a case of pregnancy. Not sure though.

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  78. Rahul Ray ([email protected])

    nicely put mate !!

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  79. ([email protected])

    Hi Suchana, First of all I am really not sure if a dependent can sponsor a family visitor visa. I asked my friends and they were not sure either. Before i applied a family visitor visa for my mother in law, my wife also applied a family visitor visa for her a year before I applied. But she was a student and not my dependent then. I think the safest way is for them to come as general visitors and they can explain the whole situation in their covering letter. To be very sure, you can email the official guys here [email protected]. they come back within 3 working days. Actually I have already emailed them your situation. In the meanwhile you can also email them. If I hear anything, I will post it here. Sorry, for not being of much help as I am not an expert and have just shared my experience :). Good luck btw.

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  80. suchana ([email protected])

    Hello Girish, thanks a lot for such a consolidated info. I need some guidance from you. I am Tier 1 dependent on my husband . we both are employed in UK. I am pregnant and my due date is April End.also our Visa extension is due in April end. i want my parents to travel to help me during my delivery. so i plan to have their visa from march to august 2012. however as our own visa is not valid durring this time span i am confused as to 1. should they Travel as Family visitor or general visitor? 2. as my husband is the main applicant for our visa extension, i cant provide any of the documents abt his pay and salary all as we would require them for our own visa. so can i provide my earning and bank details to support their stay here? please help. [email protected]

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  81. ([email protected])

    Hi Mizanur, I did not provide any kind of property inspection report and I don't know any one who has done so. I think most of my married friends from my previous company and current company live in a 1 bedroom, hall and kitchen flat. When they call their parents etc. from India, some one or the other has to sleep in the living area. I have not heard of a document called property inspection report. I am not sure if it is required for the residents of council flats if they want to invite someone. Regards, Girish.

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  82. Mizanur ([email protected])

    Hi Did you provide a property inspection report to for the accomodation? I live in a 2 Bed Council flat and I am planning to apply for my mother in law. At the moment myself my wife and 3 daughters aged 1-8 live at the property. So do you know if they will accept an application even though my mother in-law would need to sleep in the living room?

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  83. Venkatraman ([email protected])

    Thanks a ton sir. Will be going for the Sponsorship visa only.

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  84. ([email protected])

    Hi Venkatraman, No problem :) I personally think your BIL should be able to sponsor both, if your wife is "related" to your BIL according to the immigration rules. If she is not related, then she can go via self sponsorship. She can show your BIL's house agreement or/and council tax bill or/and any utility bill(s) as a proof of accommodation. Cheers, Girish.

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  85. Venkatraman ([email protected])

    Hi Girish, Thank you so much for your reply. Very helpful indeed. Just have one more question, sorry to bother you: If my wife goes on a self sponsor visa and plans to stay in her sisters house in UK, will an invite letter from my BIL will suffice as the proof of accomodation for my wife? Its like my BIL will be sponsoring only for the accomodation for my wife (in his house). Thanks, Venkat

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  86. ([email protected])

    Hi Venkat, Your BIL can sponsor/invite your wife's mother and your wife. I sponsored for my MIL last year. You can show the savings of your wife's BIL, savings of your wife and that of your MIL & BIL together. If you go to or and see whether your mother and wife will have to visit UK as a general visitor or a family visitor. I think point 3 of the first link says that your mother can visit UK as family visitor. You can get the form or forms from the above link(s). 1. I think since your BIL is working in the UK, he can invite your wife and MIL showing everyone's earnings/savings. 2. Your MIL might not need an escort as Your wife can travel with her as unofficial escort. I dont think that should affect the visa. 3. I am not aware of the rules of the self sponsor visa, but i personally think that, as mentioned above, your BIL can invite all. 4. As far as I am aware there is no visa interview as such. You just need to submit the docs mentioned in the above blog and the visa is posted to your place. Generally family visitor visas dont get problems while processing. All you need to show is more money :) However, give a very genuine reason for your wife's visit in the invitation letter as they might think that since she is young she might be coming to work, which obviously is not the case. So, mention the genuine reason of why she is visiting the UK. She can also show her marriage certificate to show that you are in India because of which she will go back to India after her visit. You need to generate 2 sets of docs including the invitation letter. One set for your wife and the other for your MIL. For more info you can visit or call the helpline number. Their contact number in India is 040-66305600

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  87. Venkatraman ([email protected])

    Hi Girish, Very informative article. Have a few questions, hope you might help me. 1. My Sister In Law is staying in London and is pregnant now. My wife and mother in law want to go to London for the delivery. My SIL is not employed as of now. My Brother in law is employed. 2. My wife is employed here in Bangalore and is having all proper documents like Form 16, IT Returns, salary slip etc... 3. My mother in law is a house wife. She is having a joint account with my father in law. They have a own house, but its in my FIL's name. They have their marriage certificate as well. 3. My wife has enough funds in her savings a/c to take care of the entire trip for her self and for my MIL also. My Doubts: 1. Should we go for a sponser visa from my Sister/Brother in Law who is staying in London now? 2. Should there be an escort with my MIL for the trip, as she will not understand English? My wife will be available to escort the entire trip. Will that affect in getting her a Visa? 3. Should we go for a sponser visa for my MIL and a self sponser visa for my wife? 4. Will they arrange for the Visa interview in regional language for my MIL? We are very much confused on how to go about the type of visa. It will be great if you could help me with these questions. Thanks in advance. Thanks, Venkatraman

    Posted on

  88. ([email protected])

    1. I asked my friend who got his Mom a few weeks ago because his wife was pregnant. His mother told the officers the actual reason (about pregnancy). He showed his wife's MATB1 certificate from NHS. All was fine. 2. I am not sure but the in my opinion the joint bank statements should be fine. 3. The actual amount to be maintained is mentioned nowhere. I think they make an estimate about the expenditures and the number of days the visitor will stay in the UK and accordingly must be calculating if the visitor and the host has enough funds to support the visitor's stay. 4. I think actual funds would be valued more than the property. If you can show enough funds of all the accounts of your parents along with all your accounts, I think there shouldn't be a problem.

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  89. Preethi ([email protected])

    Hi, Thanks o much for your info. That was really useful. I have few doubts 1. I am planning to bring my mom here for helping out in my delivery. Can she tell the officers the exact reason or not. 2. My father is retired and my mom and dad has a joint account in bank. Will that bank statement is valid. 3. Is there any minimum amount of fund to be maintained in that account. If so what is that. 4. My mom has a house a house in her name, will that be enough to show as they do not have big amount to show in the bank statements. If you can answer these questions it will be a great help for me. Thanks.

    Posted on

  90. ([email protected])

    Hi Soumyadeep, Since I have just shared my experience, I am really not sure if this can be accepted by them or not. However you can ask this question to UK Helpline. Their contact number in India is 040-66305600. Hope this helps. Cheers, Girish.

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  91. ([email protected])

    Hi Girish, This is really a great piece of advise for the UK visitor visas. Thanks. Also, I want to sponsor my parents to UK but I have arrived in UK few weeks back - and dont have sufficent funds in my UK bank - though have considerable amounts in my Indian bank account - just wondering if this could be acceptable to the UK BA people. Cheers, Soumyadeep

    Posted on

  92. ([email protected])

    Hi Neema, I think it should be fine. In my case, some of my bank statements were the printouts of the screenshots of my online bank statements. However I would suggest you to include the reason of providing photocopies in the invitation letter or a separate cover letter. I think it should be fine as it is a genuine reason. Cheers, Girish

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  93. Neema ([email protected])

    Hi Girish, I am getting my papers ready, just had a doubt, I will have 5 of my family members applying from India as family visitors, So will copy of my tenancy agreement, bank statements etc do? Like i ordered for the statement and i have got 1 original copy and made 5 photocopies, the bank refuses to stamp the copies. For all my documents i will have this problem e.g my pay slips etc I am hoping the copies should work. What do you think? Thanks for your time. Regards, Neema

    Posted on

  94. ([email protected])

    Hi Rajesh, the house we live in is not on my name. However the rent agreement contains my name in it. You can show a similar rent agreement. I am not sure but it is quite possible that you can show utility bills like electricity bills, water bills, telephone bills or BnB receipts, which have your name on them.

    Posted on

  95. rajesh ([email protected])

    hi i don't have flat/house on my name what can i show as my home address in UK.

    Posted on

  96. ([email protected])

    Hi Vijay, I submitted only the House agreement and not the council tax. I mailed the council tax to my dad but he forgot submit it. I got the visa anyway though :). My friend is submitting both, though.

    Posted on

  97. vijay ([email protected])

    Hi girish,i wanted to know if you provided both let agreement and council tax statement,as i dont have council tax statement with me as its new built home so the council needs three more weeks,so i am providing only let agreement what did you give in your case

    Posted on

  98. ([email protected])

    Hi Priya, I did not provide any proof for this. I read in some forums that you need to book a flight ticket before you apply for the visa but I think I also read in the official website that they have recommended not to book tickets until you get the visa.

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  99. Priya ([email protected])

    Hi Girish, Thanks for the reply. I have one more doubt.What supporting document did u provide as a proof that ur mother will leave UK after the specific period.

    Posted on

  100. ([email protected])

    I can't comment on this as I am not an immigration expert. The above is my study for obtaining my mothers visa, which was successful. However I would suggest to provide bank statements to make case stronger. I hope some of the readers of this article, express their views and opinions as well.

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  101. priya ([email protected])

    Hi Thanks a lot for the information.It is very useful since I am applying fo my fathers visa this month end. Dov have to produce the bank statments for my father apart from his three years IT Statements. Thanks a lot for this post.

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  102. ([email protected])

    Hi Mohit, I know some people including my wife, who brought their parents quite easily, when they were students in the UK. I think if you go through this blog you will find all the documents you need to file your mom's visa application. If you you don't want to go through all the text you can just read the points in purple colour. Hope this helps

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  103. ([email protected])

    Hi girish thanks for all the information. I want to apply for my mothers visitor visa to uk i am a student here . what documents should i provide i am not sponsoring her.

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  104. Vishnu Menon ([email protected])

    Hello, Thanks a bunch for the detail.My wife is studying in the UK and I would like to visit her for a few days.However,I plan to visit her en route my trip to Iceland where I will be doing my PhD.Hence I am confused what documents I should show.Can I attach the acceptance letter and other documents?Also,any idea regrdg the documents that my wife has to show? Thanks in advance.

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  105. ([email protected])

    Thanks Neema :) I am glad this information was helpful to you. Wish you good luck :) Regards, Girish

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  106. Neema ([email protected])

    you have no idea wat a relief it was to read this post, exactly what i was looking for, THANKS A TON, Hope you have a great time with mum here. I wish my parents too get here as soon as possible.. Regards, Neema

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