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I would like to share a cheap option of couriering stuff to India from London within about 3 days. My wife wanted to courier some medicines (ointments / balms) to her aunt as soon as possible. So, we tried to find the nearest DTDC office. I called their number and no one picked up. I guess since it was Saturday, their office might be closed. My wife drove around in her car but the courier shops were closed. My brother in law asked me to call a common friend of ours who had given him the address of a place run inside a house near Hounslow East tube station. So, I called Sampath Pritila, our friend and he said that the courier shop is located somewhere on the road connecting Hounslow East tube station and the Hounslow high Street. So, If one walks from the tube station to the Hounslow High Street, it should be to his / her right and should be after the second right turn. It is, in fact, quite easy to locate the shop, though it is run inside a house because there are loads of courier adverts outside the house. So, me and my wife went there. A guy came out and I had a word with him while Shruti parked her car. He said that it would be around £20 to £27. I thought for a while and said its too much. Could you give it for £15 and he said he'd charge me no less than £20. I agreed and since I didn’t have cash I told him to wait while I get the cash from the cash point in front of Hounslow East tube station. As I walked towards the station, after just a few steps away, there was a similar shop and hence I enquired there as well. This guy measured its weight and it was around 700 grams. He said though the weight is less, the 'volume weight' is around 2KG. He said if he sent it via DHL, it would cost us around £45 which clearly was quite costly. However the packaging etc would be nice. And he said if he sent it via another courier company, it would be £22. I said, I am not much worried about the packaging, and that the earlier guy agreed to £20. He said, if couriered the stuff for less than £22, he would be in a loss. I said, "okay, then. I will let you know." and he said "ok. I will be here until 5". Well I was not much interested in how the stuff was going to be sent. Hence, I went back to the 1st guy and gave him £20. Initially he was hesitant to take me inside the shop. I thought he didn't want to measure the weight of the stuff. But I came to know later that there was some kind of filming going on in the shop. It was the ad agency people and they were filming the owner. The guy with me told me that the shop we were at was just a small office. They have a big warehouse at Heston and wanted to promote it. They have a annual contract with the ad agency who film them once in every 2 months to include any changes in their ads according to the changes in their business.

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Comment (2015-05-15 12:37:08): i have an home theatre speaker I have to send it to India Mumbai how much it
will cost and how many days it will take and pls send me contact number and
Thank you

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