Real life faults that fail you in practical driving test in the UK/London

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After failing a couple of times in my practical driving test in London, I thought of writing down the reasons because of which I and my friend failed. After reading those reasons, we figured out that more that skills, it was more to do with observation, keeping cool, staying focused and alert etc…

The following are some of the major faults because of which we failed: 

  1. I stopped at a crossroad to give way to 2 cars. After the 1st car passed by, the 2nd card suddenly stopped for a couple of seconds. My instructor had told me that you need to be on the move especially if another car courteous to allow you to go. Thinking that the car stopped to give way to me, I quickly crossed the road. But as soon as I moved off I realised that the card had stopped because there was a hump on the road. I tried to explain this to the examiner but she considered it as a major fault especially because when my examiner looked at the driver of that car, they were nodding their heads. So always remember, do not hurry at give way points. Only if the road is clear, move ahead to cross the road.
  2. At the end of the test I was nervous about the above mentioned fault and did not know if the examiner had marked it as a major fault or not. I was so nervous and anxious that at the end of the test just before the examiner showed me the results, I forgot to put the handbrake and the car started crawling. So, remember to always use handbrake when waiting for a long time, parking etc..
  3. I saw the traffic lights turn to amber thinking the next lights would be red and slowed down and halted and waited. After a few seconds when I looked at the lights again, they turned to amber and then to red. I was puzzled as to how did it happen twice! After a few seconds someone from behind honked. When I cheked the traffic lights, they were still red. But when I checked carefully. I saw a green filter light to its left. Amber light can turn to red of green so observe properly, plan ahead and be aware of the filter light.
  4. The silliest fault I committed was at a traffic controlled signal. When the signal turned green right I moved off and when I reached the central reservation and turned right, I saw another red light and stopped slowly. But that traffic light was not for me. It was obviously for the traffic moving from left to right. So, do not be over cautious.
  5. My friend got a major fault while doing a turning around the road or a 3 point turn. Although he thinks that he observed properly while doing the maneuvr, the examiner told him that he did not notice a car waiting behind his. Always check the relevant mirrors and the blind spots every now and then while doing maneuvrs.
  6. While taking a right exit at a roundabout, and while entering the innermost lane of the roundabout, the instructor thought my friend was driving too close to the kerb and hence held his steering wheel. It's best to be in the middle of the lane.
  7. At a pedestrian crossing, my friend's attention got diverted when he noticed on the right side of the pedestrian crossing a car approaching him to the right from front didn't stop for a lady and her daughter to cross the road. With those thoughts and considering that they couldn't cross the road anyway, he was about to cross the pedestrian crossing when the examiner braked and told him that he hadn't checked to his left for any pedestrians.
  8. While doing a 3 point turn or turning around the road maneuvr, just when my friend started taking the first turn to his right, 2 vehicles came from behind his car. One stopped behind him and the other over took him. During this process the car started rolling back when he quickly braked just in time so that the car didn't hit the kerb but quickly moved off and completed the maneuvr. The examiner considered that as a major fault because after braking and before setting off again, he didn't check all his mirrors and blind spots.
  9. Another colleague's experience : "It was a mini roundabout with a give way sign on my road. I stopped the car for the oncoming traffic and the traffic on my right. It was clear. On the left, I saw a car coming but since we have priority over the left oncoming traffic at roundabout, my instincts kicked in and I started to move, then I realised the road on my left had no give way sign and they had priority over me :(. The examiner braked before I could and so it was a fail!!..

    I made 2 minors –

    1. Too close to the car in the front while driving 

         2. Manoeuvre could be more cleaner"

 All the above 9 faults were done on the Goodmayes test route.

Have you ever failed a practical driving test? If so, please submit your major faults because of which you might have failed in a driving test. This might be useful to other learners. Please mention your comments in the below comment submissions forms.

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