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The cheapest Biryani with decent taste that I've had in London so far would be the one I bought from a Srilankan shop. Its actually a retail shop. But they have a section full of snacks and lunch and dinner options. Chicken biryani with 1 boiled egg and a bit of gravy on top is just for £2.50, lamb biryani and egg and gravy is for £3.50 and chicken noodles are just for £3.50. They give 3 lamb rolls for just £1 and 4 udid vada or medhu vada for £1 as well ! They have loads of other options like idly, sambar and chutney, bonda. Many other veg and non veg gravys (including crab curry !) and rice and Indian bread etc. They have a lot Srilankan stuff as well, of which I am not much aware. Also, the quantity of the biryani is huge!

The postcode is TW4 7HW

Another astonishingly cheap restaurant that I am aware of is called Sambhal Express located in Southall. Now this is not a retail shop but an actual restaurant. I guess its more of an takeaway shop. Because there are tables but you have to stand and eat. However, the stuff that you get there is very cheap. I think it could be the cheapest Srilankan / Indian restaurant in the UK. The postcode for this restaurant is UB1 1RD.

I say the above 2 places cheap because even the street food (caravan food) is a bit costlier than them !

I will keep updating this blog as and when I find more cheap options of biryanis. If you know some cheap biryani options in London, please comment below.

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