Brand new tubes on metropolitan line - please dont scribble !

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I think the introduction of the new tube trains on the metropolitan line was a very nice thing to do. I hope they shine and remain clean, like the way they do now, forever. It is very disappointing to see all the damages that some people cause to the windows and other parts of the tubes. I hope these new tubes have cameras to catch such people so that the equivalent amount for the damages caused can be taken from them :P . I am sure it must be costing thousands and millions of pounds for the maintenance of these tubes. When these tubes were newly introduced I remember them not having adverts but had these banners which mentioned all the improvements made in them. If my memory serves me right, this is what I read : they have bigger windows, are more spacious, do not have doors between the carriages and have air conditioning (AC). The fact that these tubes do not have doors between the carriages makes them now seem like real "tubes" ! I sometimes feel like taking a walk inside from 1 end to the other. I wish I could film this walk but feel too awkward. May be some day I will though. I hope the passengers are not annoyed !
I am really glad that they have introduced ACs in the tube. I always wait for the summers to arrive and am aware of the fact that even most of the days in the summer are not hot. However, while travelling long distances in tubes (especially underground), can get really hot and dehydrating, at times. I have experienced this once or twice and the announcements that are done to advice people to carry a bottle of water really make sense.
The seating arrangement inside the tube is also a bit different in the new tubes. In some parts of the tube, seats face each other, like the old tubes on the central or the Piccadilly line. However these are foldable seats, which saves space! The parts where the different carriages connect each other do not have doors, which make these tubes more spacious and can be very useful during peak office hours. Overall, I liked the new tubes and request all to keep them clean and to not damage them. It does not make any sense in scribbling "Abc was here". Well doing that might make it easier for the cops to catch you, though !

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