Sarvana Bhavan Ilford staff - "Toilets for custormers Only"

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I am an Indian and I love south Indian snacks and never miss a chance to eat them when I'm around some of London's popular south Indian restaurants. So, the other day, when I went to this restaurant called Sarvana Bhavan in Ilford, East London, one of their staff at the counter did something that I thought wasn't very nice. Well it was not something against the policies of the restaurant or against the law or something really bad, but I think it wouldn't be considered among the acts of kindness. I was waiting in a small queue to place an order to take away. A young white British girl walked in the restaurant and pointing to the door on her left asked if she could use the toilet. I'm not quite sure what the lady at the till told her but I thought she said that it wasn't the toilet and that it was the door to something else, perhaps the kitchen. The the girl said, "Okay, can I use your toilet, please ?". And the lady at the counter said "That is for Customers only !". The girl who seemed a bit dissappointed, walked out of the restaurant politely. I didn't quite like this for some reason. I mean there were times when I urgently wanted to go to the toilet and I have been in British pubs like wetherspoon and they without any hesitation say "Yes, you may use the toilets". On the other had I have seen a couple of Indian restaurants which displayed a board in front of their restaurants mentioning "Toilets for staff and customers only". I somehow don't think its right. Their food is great but I didn't like the fact that they turned down the girl's request. I mean it could have been an emergency. A few minutes after the girl left, it striked my mind that "Wetherspoon" was right across the road in front of Sarvana Bhavan. I could have asked her to try there. But it was too late. I hope she found a toilet on time. I am not generalising anything. I'm not sure if this is right or wrong but I thought of mentioning the incident here. What do you guys think ?

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