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  1. Strange yoga guy near Liverpool street station, London

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    I see a guy several times on the Sun street passage, which connects Liverpool street train station to Snowden street or Appold street or Primrose street. He is a middle aged man and does some sort of exercises in the open. The exercises seem to be some kind of Yoga asanas. The strange thing about him is, he does yoga on a street which is often crowded with office going pedestrians. Its not that he does it exactly in the centre of the street but he does it on one of the sides (the side near to the Ping Pong Chinese restaurant). The second strange thing about this person is, he does yoga in the cold ! Its sometimes so cold that I try to walk on the sides of the Sun street lane near the walls of the backyards of the Ping pong restaurant and other offices, so that I can feel the warm air coming from the walls. But this guy, wears just a T-shirt and trousers while he does his yoga! Doesn't he feel cold ? His face looks red. He seems to be quite consistent though ! I have been seeing him since 2 years as I walk from Liverpool street underground to Snowden street (Since the time I joined my new workplace in Snowden street). I sometimes feel like asking him why does he do it there and why does he do it in so cold ? He has this old bag with wheels which he places besides him. Today I saw a blue umbrella as near the bag. Today when I saw him, I think he had just finished and was his rolling a grey mattress. It looked like a camping sleeping mattress. Initially I used to feel bad for him. But then later I seem to have got used to it and started thinking that may be he was trying to overcome the cold and test his ability to stay in the cold without wearing warm clothes. I am sure many people must have seen him and thought what must he be up to !
    If you know, please comment below. Would be interesting to know !

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