How I applied for my first British passport - April 2014

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Following information may be useful to obtain first adult British Passport.

I got my British citizenship by naturalization recently about 2 months back.

Recently I applied for my first British Passport and about to get it soon .

1. All the information and online application is available at

2. Choose "Apply for your first adult passport" option

It has four sections.

1. Overview 2.Documents you must send with your application
3. Apply for a passport. 4. Your passport interview

Here all the details are explained.

It may take about 6 weeks to process application. So don't plan journey at least for next 6 weeks.

I applied for 48 pages passport and used post office checking facility with premium delivery. It costed me about £94.25.

I applied on line. I was given login and password and reference no.
After few days, I received a printed application form ( which I had filled online) from the passport office.
I had to fill few more details with BLACK BALL PEN only.
On the same form, I got endorsement from my manager who knows me for more than 5 years and is British Passport holder.
He also certified on back of one passport size photograph that he knows me as colleague for last 5 years and signed. ( Black Ball Pen)
I had put my signature and date on form.

I took
1. This filled and signed form
2. One certified photograph
3. One more photograph ( which need not be signed )
4. My original Indian Passport
5. Original permanent residency permit
6. Original naturalization certificate.
to post office. Post Officer checked the form and all documents. He charged me GBP 94.25 towards 48 pages passport, checking fees and premium fees for return of documents.

(My mistakes 1. While filling form manager used two different pens. So form was rejected.
Post office gave me another totally blank form. I filled it by black ball pen.
2. Ink was smeared on back side of photograph hence it was rejected. I had to
use another photograph.
3. First visit, I did not carry permanent residency permit with me to post
I paid money by Debit Card, handed over documents to post office and post office gave me receipt.)

After about 2-3 weeks, post office delivered all my original documents and I was asked to book an interview with passport office.
I will be updating this blog soon by mentioning about what happened after I booked an interview appointment.

Article by - Dattatray Suryawanshi [ Girish Suryawanshi's father, who helped Girish significantly, while applying for his passort ]

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