New thing learned on the London tube !

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I was returning back to home from my work in a London underground tube. It was one of those brand new, shining trains on the metropolitan line. I don’t quite remember what was I doing but it is quite normal of me to do nothing at all. So, may be I was looking here and there when 2 middle aged gentleman came and sat on the seats in front of me. One of them seemed normal and the other who was normal too seemed a bit clumsy. Usually I've noticed that people don't look at you or rather stare at you, which is a very good thing. So this clumsy person looked at me once or twice which is normal. But suddenly, while they were having a conversation said to me "don't do that !". I said "Sorry, what ?". He pointed at my fingers and said, "Don't do that". He was talking about me breaking my knuckles. He said its not good to do that. I said, "Are you a doctor?" in a nice way but just a moment later realised that it might offend him. So I just smiled. I didn’t mean to offend him in anyway. I was just curious. He said, "No, But I know about RSI". HE said, "RSI is Repetitive Stress injury and its not good for you. You are fine now but when you become old like me, you migt have problems in your finger bones". I said, "Ah I see. I didn't know that. Thanks for the information. Its not necessary to break the knuckles. I will keep that in mind". And since the tube reached my destination, I said, "Thanks again and bye" and got off the tube.

Since then I try my best not to break my knuckles :)

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