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I have been travelling on the south west trains since 8th July 2012. It's 31st October today. In these 4 months I have never had a bad experience in any of the south west trains I have travelled, except in the one I travelled the day before yesterday. I took the train to Reading from Waterloo which started at 22.50 on 29th October 2012. It was all nice and peaceful until a few minutes just before the train doors closed. A bunch of about 3 to 4 youngsters entered my compartment. I think they were Nepalis. I was sitting in the last seat of the last compartment of the train (the compartment farthest from the driver's compartment). They entered making a lot of noise and singing loudly. Since I am originally from south Asia, I could quickly make out that they were definitely trouble from the way they were behaving. I thought of changing my place and going to some other compartment, but decided not to for no particular reason. I noticed that none of passengers noticed the youngsters. Probably, since most of the passengers were British and from Europe, they could not estimate the potential nuisance that the youngsters could cause. They were sitting in my compartment on the left side and facing in the opposite direction to which the train was heading. After sometime every passenger started noticing them as 2 of them got louder and louder. They were teasing the women sitting next to them. After showing a lot of patience some said "shhhhhhh". A guy sitting close to them said "I am trying to get some sleep". To this, one of them replied some irrelevant stuff mentioning that you shouldn't be sleeping at night and teased the guy. After some time a male who had just entered our compartment with his female friend said to them "that's enough. You are using inappropriate language". They were definitely Nepalis. I could make out from their accent. They also referred to the country Nepal. And we're singing Indian songs in Nepali accent. Indian songs are quite popular in Nepal. They were singing some song very loudly and continuously repeating bad words like "Motherfu***rs". I also heard them tease a black guy. They were replying very indecently, to the people who were asking them to keep quiet. I was very angry but couldn't do anything. I got off at some station at about 23.15 nd decided to complain against them to South West trains.

I am glad there were cameras in the train. As mentioned above they must be quite easy to spot in the CCTV cameras. I hope South West train officials take some disciplinary action against those youngsters.

Here is where I complained - Complain South West trains

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