Landlord ripped off my deposit and expects me to pay him some more money !

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Me and my wife rented the property at 29 Engleheart drive, Bedfont / Feltham, for 6 months. The property was alright and furnished but the land lord (Mr. M K) troubled us with the following things:

1. The Landlord took a deposit of £850 before we started living in the property. After 6 months he deducted £880 for damages, which according to me and my

wife shouldn't definitely have summed up to more than £200. When we left the property where we lived before this property, in Hounslow, we were asked to pay

just about £400 after living in the property for about 5 years and this landlord was asking £880 after 6 months of living there !

2. Though he claimed that the property was furnished and had most of the things, it didn't have some basic things like Microwave and Hoover. I bought both of

these in the 3rd month of my stay in the house and sold them to the landlord for half price, though they were quite nice and new. He didn't pay me the amount

even after 2 reminders with a gap of about 2 weeks.

3. A few weeks before I left that property, the land lord requested me to top up gas and electricty worth £50 pounds each, so the total cost of the topup

came to £100. He didn't even return that money to me after several email reminders.

4. Sometimes he and sometimes his friend arrived at odd hours without any prior information. Inspite of several reinders via email, the same thing contiuned.

5. There was seldom hot water in the shower and hardly ever in the taps in the toilet and kitchen.

6. He charged us of things we didn't damage. For example, one fine day, water stopped going to the toilet flush. We didn't ever touch anything behind the

Flush handle from where water went into the fludh tank. He asked us to sort it out whereas he should have done it himself.

7. I cleaned the property a day or 2 before I was supposed to hand over the house keys to the landlord. As usual, neither did he turn up to fetch the keys  , nor did he contact me regarding it.

8. When we moved in the back door was dragging a bit to the floor. This dragging got worse and the hinges came off. I spent £100 to repair it and emailed my landlord several times mentioning that it would only be fair to share the expenses as the door was dragging before we moved in. But he never replied to my emails regarding sharing £100.

Please think 100 times before moving into this property. Support us


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