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I am originally from India, pune and now living in London since around 4.7 years (today = 14-DEC-2011). I really like Pune. But I sometimes also feel very lucky to be in London / UK. Then I think what could be the reasons I like London / UK so much ? And this is what I came up with :

1. You have the freedom to do anything, wear anything, say anything and people don't react to make you conscious.

2. People don't stare at you to make you conscious.

3. Everybody has an independent life and the houses are less crowded. So there is peace and you get time to think.

4. Everybody is considered the same. There are no special privileges for the rich or some one with higher ranks or positions at private / public jobs.

5. People here are very helpful. If you ask them the way to some place, they tell it in such a way that you feel that the only purpose of their life was to tell you the way to your destination :)

6. When I travel in tubes, I like the way the people mind their own business, be it reading or listening to music or talking to each other. They never seem to be concious or hiding the stuff they are talking about.

7. People here are very well mannered and its very nice to hear pleasant words like thank you and please quite often.

8. The tone in which they speak is very soothing. They also have a very nice and "un-cheap" sense of humour

9. They give equal respect to people from all races, cultures and religion.

10. Every thing here is very well maintained and clean.

11. They have preserved their history very well.

12. London is not a typical city with full of buildings and crowd. It is a mixture of buildings, green parks, water canals, lakes, museums, forest and much more.

13. Initially I was very angry with the way the Police were not taking strict action against the Looters during the 2011 riots that happened a few months ago. But later I was amazed when I realised that it was due to the less strict policy because of which the London riots lasted only for a couple of days with only a handful of casualties.

14. People in the UK are very down to earth and very real. They are very less inspired by hollywood or bollywood movies :)

15. The medical facilities are very good and cheap as well. There are loads of benefits for the UK citizens and many for others too.

16. There are many free museums, parks etc...

17. Children are not pressurized by their teachers in their academic life. Even parents are discouraged to pressurize the kids. Children are encouraged to do something in the stuff they are good at.

18. Within every certain distance there is a park and leisure centre and every place has a high street or city centre where one can shop and hang out.

19. Every day, there occur loads of events related to music, theatre, sports and more.

If you can think of some nice things about London, please comment below. Thanks

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