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W1F 8QL - Kathi Roll Company (Indian style Kathi Kebabs)

W1F 8QL - Kathi Roll Company (Indian style Kathi Kebabs)


I was quite excited to have Indian style kathi kebabs (or Kathi Rolls) in central London, a few days ago. Kathi rolls are just like the regular middle eastern Kebabs but with and Indian touch. The bread is not a Khomez or pitta but an Indian bread and stuffed with spicy chicken or lamb or paneer or other available stuffing with spicy mint leaf chutney and other spices and onions etc. One can also request for anda rolls (anda = egg). Personally, I think that these rolls taste better with egg than with the stuffing itself.

It was somewhere just after Christmas and since I coundn't manage to take pictures of the Christmas lights in central London during Christmas , I thought I might as well take them after Christmas. That way, I would atleast be able to upload them on this website. So after work, me and my friend Colleague, Sunil, went on for a photo taking spree. Before leaving we took a printout of the locations we would cover. However, unfortunately it was raining. We still tried our best by buying an umbrella from a near by Sports direct shop in Oxford Street, but it didn’t help much. Having said that we still managed to cover a few places. Now that we had quite some snaps, my colleague suggested me spending the rest of the time in some place to eat. He asked me if I have ever had Kathi Rolls. I said "Yes, offcourse. I used to have them in a road side stall, which I believe was called Kapila, on Dhole Patil road, Pune". He replied, "Oh, yeah. I've had them there as well. But do you know that there is a place some where in Oxford Street where they make almost the same Kathi rolls ?". I was not aware of any such shop but I was quite curious to know about the place as I really love the kebabs I used to have in Pune. Sunil called up his friend who had had those kebabs in the shop in Oxford Street. But he didn't know the exact location. So, after a bit of Googling, I found the place which was called "Kathi Roll Company" which was quite close to the Oxford Circus tube station and we had some delicious authentic Kathi rolls there. Since then, I've visited the place 3 to 4 times. It is not a big place and has got about 4 to 5 tables. One can find many old hindi film posters on the walls with hindi music playing in the background. I think they are present in 4 locations. There is a branch in New York as well. One of their specialities, along the kebabs, seems to be their "Masala Chaai" (Masala tea). I haven't tasted it yet but it should be nice. The average price of a roll without or with  egg would be somewhere between £3.50 to £4.50 and if you buy 2 or in pairs, you get some discount. Below is some more information about the place:

If you are quite far from it, you can always order food online, from somewhere else.


24 Poland Street (between Great Marlborough St. and Oxford St.)
London W1F 8QL

Phone: +44(0)2072874787

Email: [email protected]

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