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 Osterley Park, London

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Osterley Park is a great place to be in, on sunny days. There are lush green grass parks and lawns. It’s a one day trip. I had been there yesterday with my wife Shruti, Ravi, Prachi, Adam, Aneta, Parveen, Gaurav and Anya.
Since I was coming from Hounslow West, I had 2 options of getting to osterley park.

1. The First was to take a tube from Hounslow West tube station to Cockfosters on the picadilly line and stop at Osterley park tube station.
2. To take bus number H91 and get down at Osterley Library stop.

Now since I was the only one who had a weekly tube oyester, we took the bus as most of us had a weekly charged bus oyester.
After getting off at Osterley Library stop, we followed the directions towards Osterley park. I believe, the 2nd direction board was incorrect and we went the wrong way. Fortunately there was a dead end and it was not very far from the direction board and hence we didn’t lose a lot of time and energy. If it had wrong directions, then it was the first direction board with wrong directions I had come across in the UK (I have been here since around 3 years). Osterley park is not very far from the Osterley Library bus stop. Its just a 10 to 13 min walk.
Once we got in we saw a long road towards inside with trees on both the sides and grass lawns on either sides. I could see while cows on the far left hand lawn and horses as well. As we moved ahead along that road we came across a water canal. It wasn’t very narrow all the way it was some kind of a mixture of canal and lake you could say. There were a lot of ducks in it with different colours. We saw the white ones with orange beaks and the black ones and the multicoloured ones. There were small boards near by which read, Do not feed the ducks with bread and other stuf which I don’t remember. I could see a woman feeding bread crumbs to the ducks just adjacent to the board..lol. But this was a rare scene :-). I could see people flying kites and walking their dogs. After walking for a while we started feeling hungry so we spread a bed sheet and sat on it and munched some stuff. Since I am not a good talker, I went away from the group and played football with Ravi for a while. After a while we came back to the group and had a good laugh. Then we started walking again. There are very beautiful places over there. Some are like little jungles. There was a garden inside but since we were out of time we decided not to go there. There was this big tudor house inside made of original red bricks It had a entry fee. The entry fee for the garden and the tudor house was around 8 pounds and for the garden only was around 3 pounds. There was a beautiful cork tree at the end of the canal before. We took some snaps on it too. The Osterley park closes at 07:30 in the evening and the garden inside it closes at 05:30 PM  .
There are toilets inside. I am not sure about and places to eat inside the park but there are many restaurants near the main gate. There is an Indian restaurant as well.
I think we didn’t cover much. Just around 40% of the whole park. There is a lot of other stuff in it.




 Osterley park photo gallery(Pictures taken by Girish Suryawanshi