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The following are some points to be kept in mind while planning your journey: 

Local Transport : The local transport in london is via buses and tubes (Underground). London transport system is very good. Oyester cards are little cheaper than the normal tickets. The following link is the official link of Transport For London


 Trains : National Rail - www.nationalrail.co.uk


Coaches ( Buses for long distances ) - www.nationalexpress.co.uk


 Weather : UK's weather keeps changing very frequently. So, make sure you find out how the weather will be on te day you would be in London.

The current London weather is as follows :

Weather in London

To know about future weather, you can click here.

Travel : "Oyster Card" is generally the cheapest way to make single journeys in the Capital. Its cheaper that the normal tickets.

                       You can get an oyester in a tube station in any of the counters / tills or Oyester machines (Some tube stations). You can top up the oyester enough so that it automatically gets converted into an unlimited day travel card / weekly travel card / monthly travel card (both buses and tubes). Which means that you can travel to any tube stations and bus stations in London for unlimited Journeys. Please note that to convert the oyester card to a monthly travel card, you need to register your card . You can do this by approaching any agent on any of the counters / tills in a tube station. To know more click on the following link.



Tube : In London the underground Metros are called tubes. There is a very good connectivity of different underground stations and a very good frequency of tubes. If you want to go from Station "A" to station "B" then you will have to look up the tube map which you would get at any tube station for free. You will have to find a path between "A" and "B". For example, If you want to travel from Hounslow West tube station to Liverpool Street, the you can do the following:

A> Catch a tube from Hounslow West tube station, which will run on the Piccadilly line. Get off at King's Cross St. Pancras.

B> Look for signs which read Hammersmith and City Line or Metropolitan line or Circle line. Follow any of these 3 lines and catch a tube to Liverpool Street station.

Please click here fot get a London Tube Map.

Please note that though the term Underground is used for tubes, tubes run both overground and underground and some tube stations are overground as well. Sign for a tube station is as follows:




Smoking : You are not allowed to smoke in public places.


Rain : Though it does not rain heavily in London, one should always carry an umbrella with him / her as the weather is very unpredictable.


Planned station closures : Underground stations remain cosed many times due to planned work. You can keep yourself updated with the latest information on planned station closured here.

In case of any unplanned closures, alternate free bus service is arranged.


7.  Honking : Honking is considered to be very rude.


8.  "Please" :  Its nice to use please for every request you make to some one here.


9.  Chavs : Be aware of young teen "Chavs". "Chav" is an aggressive teenager, typically unemployed or of white working class background, who repeatedly engages in anti-social behaviour, such as street drinking, drug abuse and rowdiness, or other forms of juvenile delinquency.




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