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Oyorooms left my 72+ years old parents and me stranded by providing a fake room

Oyorooms left my 72+ years old parents and me stranded by providing a fake room

  Fake fraud Oyorooms hotel Shinde niwas spot on 76779 _ 
Me and my parents planned a trip to Mahabaleshwar a few days ago. We planned to stay there for 1 night. I found this hotel called "SPOT ON 76779 Shinde Niwas" on booking.com. The rooms looked alright in the photos and the rate was very good as well. To check the exact location, I googled the name of the hotel and got an address which matched the address provided by an Oyorooms official via a text message to my father. We phoned Oyorooms at 0124 620 1126.  My father made a full payment over phone to the Oyo official. To check if parking is available or not the Oyo official provided the hotel owner's phone number to my father.
When my father tried to call him, the call got connected momentarily and the owner said that there is no car parking as some work was being carried out.We still went ahead and booked the hotel thinking we should be able to park the car somewhere nearby. While driving to the hotel, it seemed we were driving through some no man's land. After reaching the address, we tried to find the hotel. But there was no sign of the hotel. It was a very rural place called Medha. The address provided in the link provided by Oyo did not exist. It was a fake address. We searched a lot and asked several people around. I and my 70+ years parents struggled to drive to this address going through a very bad, narrow and long rural route.
After reaching there we found the hotel didn't. We also checked with the hotel owner but his phone was constantly busy the whole time and for rest of the day!!  We were getting a message saying  "busy on another call". After calling the Oyo guy to double check, by providing the booking phone number he initially said there is no booking by that number. Then after providing him the booking ID he apologised saying that a wrong address was provided to us and gavs us a new address which was very vague - "Mapro garden, panchagani". It took us another 1 hour to reach Mapro garden. Mapro garden is a very big area and there are loads of hotels there. We spent hours searching but again the hotel didn't exist. I checked with "On the rocks" Oyo hotel there. But they also didn't know. I checked with several people about "Spot On 76779 Shinde Niwas" but no one knew about it.
I called Oyo again but the lady said there is no booking with my father's phone number. Then after providing the booking ID, she gave me the same vague address again. In the end my father got frustrated while speaking to that lady over the phone. She put my dad on hold endlessly. We had to disconnect the call and book another hotel. Oyo had wasted our whole day in finding hotel addresses which didn't exist. It looks like some kind of fraud is happening by taking money from customers and providing fake hotel addresses. We booked another hotel called "Strawberry Homes" which is in the vicinity of Mapro gardens and was a very good hotel. The owner advised us to never book a hotel with Oyorooms as there is a lot of stress and fraud involved. He told us that just a couple of days ago a couple faced a similar issue like me and my parents. They reached out to the owner of Strawberry homes at about 10.30pm mentioning that they were unable to find the hotel provided to them by Oyorooms. I phoned Oyo guys again for a refund and he asked me to call the Oyo customer care number and select option 2. But again that was not of any help as that automated system also didn't work. Everytime I pressed 2 the call would disconnect. Their chat bot is also useless. 
In the end I found and email called guestsupport.na@oyorooms where I demanded a full refund and compensation for wasting our whole day. I received and automated reply saying that my query will be dealt within 48 hours. After that I received another email saying that guestsupport.na@oyoroomswas a US support email IDand that I needed to email [email protected]. My parents are 70+ and all this has caused them a lot of stress.

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