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Authentic home made Indian food in Belfast City Centre

Authentic home made Indian food in Belfast City Centre

authentic home made indian chicken curry in belfast

I eat a lot of Indian food as I'm originally from India and have lived in East London for several years. There are loads of good Indian restaurants in London. Recently  (Feb 2017) I had to move to Belfast in Northern Ireland for work. For the first week I stayed at a hotel and had British breakfast buffet, hot sandwiches from "Mace" and pizzas, chinese takeaways etc. After I joined work someone told me about a guy who worked in the same company I worked for who is very passionate about cooking Indian food. He is an Indian himself. I tried his food and really liked it. It is very authentic Indian food. He serves lunch as well as dinner.And the food is very very reasonable. So, a box of curry and 4 parathas / chapatis is just for £3!

He serves non-vegetarian food as well. Till now I have had paneer butter masala, egg curry, chicken curry, mixed veg curry, [ peppers (capsicum / shimla mirch) + potato + mushroom curry ], aloo parathas + yoghurt/curd + very tasty sauce, veg biryani, chicken biryani (2-3 leg pieces) etc. He lives Belfast City centre and dinner box can be picked from his flat starting from 7 pm and lunches are available starting from 12:30 pm. You can place orders before 8 am. You can pick dinner from his home in city centre and lunch from his work place in Titanic quarter. I've randomlay clicked pics of his food. Have a look. If you are interested in his food or have any questions, e-mail me your email / phone number at [email protected] and I'll ask him to contact you.

authentic home made indian chicken biryani and veg biryani in belfast

authentic home made indian egg curry in belfast 2

Authentic home made indian paneer butter masala in Belfast 1

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