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The 5 Nicest Places to Live In London

The 5 Nicest Places to Live In London

House prices are shooting up, people are being forced to move away from London, but in an ideal world – one where house prices were reasonable and foreign investment hadn’t flooded into the city – where would one buy a residence. What are the places in the city that are safe, have nicely designed houses, and are pleasing to the eye? Here is the top 5 according to me. If you already live in one, well done – now stop complaining.

5. Richmond


Founded around King Henry the VII’s palace in the 16th Century the area really took off after the Richmond Bridge was built in the Georgian era, allowing for many new terraced houses to be built. It is a much sought after residential area as well as an upmarket retail centre. It has many parks and open areas and some sanctuaries for the protection of wildlife. This is one of the happiest places to live in the UK.

4. Maida Vale


Image: Stephen McKay

This little district, tucked away near Paddington in West London, is a mostly residential area of Victorian and Georgian mansion flats. It features a beautiful little canal and an area called ‘Little Venice’ so you can understand why it makes this list. Wide, tree-lined avenues are interspersed between communal gardens. Lord Byron resided in the area back in the early part of the 19th Century as did many renowned poets and writers.  A waterbus service travels from Little Venice to Regents Park, London Zoo and Camden Town.

3. Notting Hill/Holland Park

After the war, this part of London was one of the areas that the large numbers of Caribbean immigrants were housed (as well as Clapham and Brixton). The land value became incredibly low at the time but the area is one of London’s great success stories, having turned to one of the more affluent areas in the city. Many believe that the film Notting Hill had a genuine effect on house prices on the area. The annual Notting Hill festival also serves to put the area onto the map.

2. St. John’s Wood

This district in North-West London is a part of The City of Westminster and features some of the most extravagant houses in the city – including mansions worth up to £65 million. It was essentially the first part of London to be developed with low density ‘villa’ housing, making it the first real affluent borough of the city, back in the 19th Century. Lord’s Cricket Ground is in St. John’s Wood, as is Abbey Road – made famous by The Beatles.

…And Number 1. Fulham/Chelsea  


Image: Berndt Rostad

Forget about Made in Chelsea, this part of London isn’t full of idiots. It is one of the safest parts of the city and has easy access to the city via the district line. There is so much entertainment available locally, and a plethora of good pubs, that it is easy to never leave. There are also parks, shops and access to river boats for those working in the city. If you are interested in looking for a property in this area, a company like www.rentify.com would be able to help. If you are interested in visiting, don’t forget to look into the White Horse Pub in Parson’s Green. It’s the epicentre of Fulham’s Sloanie scene.

Author - George Peebles

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