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Ilford, East London

Ilford, East London

Good things about Ilford

1. There is a good connectivity to Central London (Liverpool Street Station) from Ilford. 3 types or trains run to and from Liverpool Street station : Slow train, semi fast train and the fast train. On an average, it takes just 10 to 15 minutes to reach Liverpool Street station. The trains run with  a gap of about 10 to 15 minutes.

2. There are loads of shops on the road along Ilford staton, on the high street and on a lane called Ilford lane. You get almost everything there.

3. Cineworld cinema is about 8 minutes walk from the station.

4. There is a huge park with a lake, various birds, cafe, lawn tennis courts and more about 8 to 10 minutes walk away from Ilford station. It is called valentine park. Here are a few videos :

Bad things about Ilford

You will most probably see places immediately out of the station with mixed dodgy crowd. There are young males loitering around the station exit for change or a spare cigarette. Recently a friend of mine got duped near the ATM next to the station exit. places immediately near the train station are busy and `chavy`. Having said that, the chavy crowd is not usually harmful.

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