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IG5 0LQ - Clayhall Tandoori

IG5 0LQ - Clayhall Tandoori

Since I was ill and feeling quite weak, I decided to order a takeaway. Sometimes I just feel like pampering myself with some nice food :).
I usually order food from this website - order online food. The good thing about this website is that it gives you the option of choosing from a long list  of restaurants near the postcode you enter. I live in Ilford in the E12 area. I was getting a craving of having some Indian starters, curry and Nan bread.  I generally try my best to order from different restaurant every time so that I can get a different taste each time. So, I put my post code which is E12  (and 3 more digits). From the list I chose a restaurant called Clayhall Tandoori. I got a lamb biryani, chicken bhaji (fried spicy battered chicken  pieces), onion bhaji. The food was really nice. Especially the lamb biryani and onion bhajis. The lamb was nice and tender and well cooked. The biryani  and onion bhajis were flavoursome. They also gave a box full of potato curry to eat with the biryani. However I didn't eat that much as the biryani itself  was quite flavoursome. The cost of all that was £10.75

However, please make a note in the notes/comments section about requesting the delivery guy to keep some change, if you do not have change to give them,  if you are paying by cash, that is. I had a £50 note and the delivery guy didn't have change as well. So, the delivery guy phoned the restaurant and I had  to make a payment on the phone by providing my card details to them.

Opening hours : 17:00 to 00:00
Open on all days

Address - 4 Claybury Broadway, Ilford, IG5 0LQ

So, if you live in the E12 or IGx area in Ilford, I think you can try ordering food from this restaurant from here - Clayhall Tandoori

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