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Southall Sports Centre

Southall Sports Centre
Beaconsfield Road,

Phone - 02085718871

I have played twice here. Once in 2007 and once recently on 16th May 2010. I think this Club belongs to a famous table tennis group called Londonprogrerss.
When I had been here in 2007, I had just visited to practice. I mean not to play a tournament or not for training. I had been there with my wife (Girl friend then), and the coordinator looked at me and said well we charge 5 pounds and you could play first without paying and if you still want to continue, I will charge you 5 pounds then. He thought I was a very ordinary player and would be overpowered by the players there. All the players there were very professional and played very well. So he asked me to play with some boys. They were terrific. bu I won with 3 of them. I lost to the forth guy who was British and played very well.
Yes, So I think this is a very nice club if you are a good player and want to practice with good players.

I have a small blog on this club here.

I could see around 10 to 15 tables there. it is nice and spacious. I think you could become a member and get coaching as well.

Jason The Club Manager can be contacted via Phone On 0781-717 1483

Anthony Small who is the Club Chairman could be contacted on 07973 144382.

They also have a branch in Kensington Leisure Centre, Walmer Road, W11 4PQ

Official website is - http://www.greenhouseprogress.com/

For random players they charge 5 pounds. they have a mixed culture crowd.

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Brentford Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre

This club is famous for badminton than table tennis. Initially I did not even know that they do table tennis. The first time I went there I actually went there to play badminton. And I was telling my mates how I liked table tennis more and that how I played table tennis much better than badminton. In fact I was going to play badminton just for the 3rd time in my life. So when we were almost done playing badminton, this net changing official comes to us and asks us till what time are you guys gonna play. And we say 4:00 PM and he says ..well sorry but your time is over. And he starts removing the badminton nets and his mate drags a rolling table tennis table there !!
This charges you around 3 pound 20 pence which is much lesser than what the southall table tennis club charges. But I think you will have to get your own partner here to play because I saw that that table was arranged on prebooking and 2 guys who knew each other played there. they didnt play that well I mean their skills were not as good as the skills of the players of the southall club.
I could see that they did swimming as well. And it was quite a big club.

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Their address and contact details are as follows:

658 Chiswick High Road, Brentford, Middlesex TW8 0HJ