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Is London an Excellent place to live in ?

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Houses in London
Loads of jobs in London 

Loads of Jobs in London

London is the financial capital of the world and this fact had led to the generation of a huge number of jobs in London. Not only in central London but also in other parts of London and the best part is that all these locations are easily accessible from one's house due to the excellent transport system.

Excellent London transport 

Excellent  Transport in London

London has one of the best transport system in the whole world. You will hardly face any problems. Life becomes easy when you have so many means of transport. You have tubes ( which is nothing but underground trains or metro ), buses, boats, trams etc. And the connectivity between stations is excelle    nt. The sure of people is.well handled and the frequency of the transport vehicles is pretty good. The official transport website is very useful and by making use of the tfl journey planner widget, one cans find out the directions from any point a to point b in a matter of seconds. All possible routes by all possible transport vehicles at any time is shown on the site instantly. You can search for directioms based on postpone or station or stop or well known places.

LOndon Has People from everywhere 

People from all over the world in London

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Unlike other parts of UK, London is the only place where people from all parts of the world and UK, dwell. This prevents you from being lonely.

No racism in London 

Never experienced racicsm in London

I am not sure if they like me or us, but I like most of the British people very much. I am from India. I have been in the UK for around 4 years now but have never experienced any kind of racism. Even if it were there, it would be very less compared to other countries like Australia or USA. People here are very straight forward. I mean they just say what ever is in their mind and are not manipulative.

 privacy in London

No interference in other's Lifes

People here don't bother much about what the people around them are upto. There is loads of privacy even when you are in between a large number of people. People don't stare into your eyes to make you uncomfortable. There is a lot of freedom in London. You will find some people wearing weird outfits in public places. But nobody bothers. It's your life and you can do anything with it. The civic sense of the people here is amazing.

Easily accessible airport in London 

 Easily accessible airport

Since the transport system is planned so well, getting to the London heathrow airport on the far west London is not a big deal. Because of the good connectivity, you can easily reach heathrow from any part of London.

No laidback attitude 

Lack of laidback attitude

London is a fast city. You can see people always on the move. There is absence of the village kind of late back attitude. The good thing about this fact is that there is continuous progress in the individual's and the city's life. Fast moving does not mean that the people here are always stressed out. People enjoy here as much as anyone else.

Loads of places to see and things to do 

Loads of places to see and things to do in London

You can do loads of things when you are here. There are many places to see in London and as many things to do. A few of these are mentioned on the menu on the left of each page on this website or just click the following - great places in London.

London is safe 

London is Safe

UK police is my favourite police. They don't hit you no matter what the situation is. It is not necessary that crime has always got to be dealt by physical assault. The police try to get any criminal situation under control by avoiding any kind of violence. They have emphasized more on curbing the crime. For example, in most of the places in London there are surveillance cameras installed so that people fear to commit crime.

Article by Girish Suryawanshi

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