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Tips To Make Your Brunch Healthier Than Ever

Tips To Make Your Brunch Healthier Than Ever

Brunch is a mix of the two words ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’. It’s the type of meal that’s eaten as a late breakfast or early lunch. The options for brunch are varied and can range from a variety of egg dishes to sweeter options including pancakes, French toast and of course a Full English Breakfast. Additionally, there are always options on the brunch menu for healthy foodies out there that are still packed with flavour but are a little lighter on the calories. Now, here’s a list of our top tips for a healthy brunch.

Don’t skip breakfast even if you plan to have brunch It’s the weekend, and you know you have a brunch date planned. Now, you think of skipping breakfast and waiting until your brunch reservation. But that’s where you’re mistaken - never skip breakfast even when you have a later brunch planned. We advise you eat a small nutritious breakfast - how about an apple, a handful of almonds or even yoghurt topped with seeds and fruit? Eating a light breakfast will help keep you full until brunch time. Otherwise, it is likely that you won’t have enough energy and will crave all the sugary brunch delights.

Eat carbs moderately Generally, every brunch menu is full of carbs including waffles, French toasts and pancakes. Now, of course you can indulge - but remember to eat carbs in moderation. It is better to have a balanced meal of carbs, protein and fat. Otherwise your blood sugar is likely to rise and, in turn your body will store more fat. One of our favourite brunch options is a veggie omelette, with whole grain toast and avocado.

Drink moderately With many brunch cocktails now on the menu and with the rise in bottomless brunches, you may be tempted to indulge in knocking back too many glasses of Bloody Mary or Prosecco. But just remember that alcohol contains hidden calories and sugar - so we advise just one glass with brunch. Otherwise you won’t enjoy everything on the menu.

With all of the top London restaurants now serving brunch in a wide variety of cuisines - the number of brunch restaurants in London keep growing. There are also plenty of breakfast restaurants in London with some offering buffet options and other a la carte specialties, so you will always find something healthy on the menu. Now, whenever you plan brunch, just follow these tips to make it healthy and delicious.

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