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Eglobalcentral Nikon product review

Eglobalcentral Nikon product review

It was about time that I bought a DSLR. Without a lot of research, I choose Nikon D5300 Digital Camera 18-140mm on the basis of its reviews and ratings. I was very lucky to have got it for just £479 from www.eglobalcentral.co.uk whereas http://www.amazon.co.uk was selling it for about £622! Eglobalcentral have got a chat facility on their website. Their chat facility and email updates are good. I chatted them to know they sell the product so cheaply. The following was their reply

 eglobalcentral customer care review

I ordered the camera on the 26th Dec 2014 and it was delivered on 2nd Feb 2015. I was expecting this as the delivery was free of charge and the approximate delivery time was also mentioned in the product description. Just after a few days of ordering the item I got a UPS tracking number. The tracking facility was also very efficient and accurate. Please see the below screenshot for the tracking details of the product I ordered.

eglobalcentral ups delivery review

I received all the items as mentioned in the product description on their website and email updates. Everything was new and nothing was damaged. Although the camera box mentioned the lens 18-55mm, the lens was 18-140mm.

I was worried about being charged extra by UPS or through other sources. But I didn't have to pay anything extra!



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