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17 Great Museums to see in London

17 Great Museums to see in London

London is home to a plethora of world famous museums and galleries, most of which are free to enter and usually open every day of the week. They all offer a diverse display of fascinating artefacts, arts, crafts and other world renowned objects. You would most likely need a whole day to get around each of the larger museums, all of which are not to be missed.

1.      Natural History Museum – One of the finest natural history museums in the world with an amazing collection of exhibits and the building itself is stunning.

2.      British Museum – One of the best museums in London which houses over two million years of human history and is visited by about six million each year.

3.      National Maritime Museum – Discover an impeccable display of the British Royal Navy’s history.

4.      Imperial War Museum – Observe Britain’s Military History, the museum itself is a stately 1815 building.

5.      Science Museum – Children and adults alike will have fun here in Europe’s most visited science and technology museum.

6.      Museum of London – Learn about the history of London all the way from prehistoric times to the Victorian era, including the turbulent times in the city was ravaged by civil wars, fire and plague.

7.       Victoria and Albert Museum – Gives an interesting insight into Britain’s cultural heritage and is the greatest art and design museum of in the world.

8.      Geffrye Museum – A period rooms museum from the 1600s to present times.

9.      Royal Air Force Museum – Learn about the history of Britain’s flying aces.

10.     Horniman Museum – Take a look at a diverse family museum with a collection of several different displays.

11.     Pollocks Toy Museum – Observe a display of toys from all over the world, which makes a perfect day out for children.

12.     Bank of England Museum – Discover the monetary history of the world from its earliest times to present day.

13.     Hunterian Museum – Dare to take a look at a unique collection of human and animal specimens retained in jars.

14.     Museum of London Docklands – Learn about London’s maritime shipping history.

15.     Sir John Soane’s Museum – An assorted collection of London’s famous architect.

16.     Museum of Childhood – Devoted to the history of childhood. Another great day out for the kids.

17.     National Army Museum – Discover the history of Britain’s armed forces and how the past has shaped Britain’s present and future.

Written by Cheryl Morris, a photographer, graphic designer, writer and mother of four. She works for Click Souvenirs, an online gift shop specializing in London Souvenirs

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