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EC2A 4PH - Domes Pizza

EC2A 4PH - Domes Pizza

There is a nice and cheap Pizza place at a walk able distance from Liverpool street station. Its a great place to order your lunch from especially if you are a city worker near working Liverpool street station. All you have to do is order a Pizza from one of the several options mentioned in the attached leaflet or go to their website and checkout all the available options and order your choice of Pizza and any extra toppings. I usually order a 10 inch pizza for £5. All you have to do is order your choice of pizza over phone and collect it after 10 minutes. Their contact number is 02076133151 and website is www.domeskitchen.co.uk. Address is 52 Scrutton Street, London, EC2A 4PH
Opening hours are all days starting from 11AM.

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