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Ways to set up a house in London with FREE stuff

Ways to set up a house in London with FREE stuff

If you have just moved to London or you are a student or if you simply want to save money, I can take you through a process of setting a new home completely free of cost in London. London being such an expensive city you can save hundreds of pounds by following these simple steps. All you will need is the following :

1. Laptop or a computer
2. Internet
3. Phone

Let me give you tips on setting your new free living room and then you can do the same for the other rooms.

Make a list of the things you need for your living room. Considering you have moved into an unfurnished house, make a list of things required. For a cosy and comfortable living room the basic requirement will be a TV, TV stand, DVD player, Free view box, sofa, coffee table and Rug. With these things an average comfortable living room can be set. Obviously according to your needs you can add more items in your list

Once you have made the list visit the #### Gumtree website #### and go to the freebies section. Search for your items, one at a time by typing the name of the product (Example - sofa) in the search engine and select the ones you like. Make sure you select at least 5 items of the same kind. For example make a note of 5 different adverts of sofas according to the type, condition and distance (as a van will have to be arranged to pick this up and you don't want to be spending a lot on delivery of a free sofa. Hence select an area near your home ). Once you made 5 selections send email / text to all the owners. If none is available then repeat the process of searching 5 more. However, usually, you should at least receive confirmation for one from the five.

Then call Van guys and explain to them, if they can fit in your sofa during some other delivery in the area so you can pay less. The chances are they will agree as some of the Van drivers did agree to me. Then get a free sofa delivered to your property for very low delivery charges.

For items like TV, TV stand, Free view Box, DVD player and Rug you will not need a Van hence you can either collect this on your own, if you have a car or take favour from a friend who owes a car to help you collect these or speak to a van guy again to fit items in when delivering or picking up goods from those areas.

Finally, Enjoy a comfy free living room with minimal delivery charges as overheads.


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