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What`s hot at the London Theater box office

What`s hot at the London Theater box office

London is famous for offering some of the best theatre productions in the world. Whether you live in the city or are a visitor to the capital, a trip to the theatre is a great chance to experience British culture and high-quality entertainment.

London`s theatres offer a wide range of shows, from cutting-edge modern productions to classic musicals. One of the hottest productions on right now is STOMP. STOMP is a dance and percussion show that has now been running in London for seven years due to its massive popularity. The show has won multiple awards for its comedy, choreography and music. STOMP is suitable for people of all ages and is appreciated by those with a wide range of music tastes.

`The 39 Steps` is another top show now on in London. It is a thriller that was originally filmed back in 1935. It features just four actors skilfully playing over a hundred different roles. The show engages the audience with clever use of comedy, sound and props. The play has won multiple awards, including two Tony awards for best sound design and best lighting design.

One of the most talked-about productions to hit the London theatre is `One Man, Two Guvnors`. The fast-paced plot features murder and other crimes and is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. The show contains some well-timed comedy and has been described as the funniest show in the Western world in a recent review.

If you want to spend an evening entertained by music and comedy, watch one of the most famous musicals ever shown in London theatres. `Dreamboats and Petticoats` is a play set in the 1960s and actors and actresses sing classic tracks from the era, including `The Locomotion`, `What a Wonderful World` and `Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow`. This nostalgic musical also has a fast-paced and engaging story, making it one of the hottest productions in London theatres right now.

If you are looking for a modern show suitable for children you could try `Horrible Histories`. This gives young people a fantastic introduction to the theatre. The show is packed full of comedy, gore and sing-a-longs whilst remaining educational. Tickets can be bought online for reasonable prices, making the show an excellent day out for families.

One of the most entertaining and popular shows in London has to the `The Woman in Black`. This is known for being gripping, intense and, most of all, terrifying. The show is not suitable for children due to its violent nature but it makes a fantastic evening out for teenagers and adults. `The Woman in Black` has received almost unanimously positive reviews in newspapers and online and is one of the best shows to ever hit the London`s West End.

There are now many ways to book theatre tickets. You can find tickets online or if you prefer to use the phone you can call to speak to an advisor. Tickets can be delivered to your home or picked up at the theatre itself. You can even search online for discounted tickets, allowing you to visit the theatre on a budget. So for a night of entertainment in England`s capital, check out the hottest productions currently showing in London`s theatres.