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Ideas for your London stag do

Ideas for your London stag do

Since London is officially the most popular choice for UK stag groups in 2012 it’s a given that the city has a plethora of excellent activities, restaurants and nightlife. Despite this there’s a lot of choice when it comes to both daytime and evening activities, so here are some ideas of activities available in London.

Paintballing: This is the most popular stag do activity for good reason. Paintball is exhilarating and exciting, providing a fun-packed and memorable experience for you and the boys as you explore London’s best paintball venues.

Hovercrafts: An unusual stag do activity, hovercraft racing proves a different experience which will get your adrenaline pumping. You’ll have full control over a one-man craft which travels over water at high speeds giving you a chance to enjoy an unusual and unforgettable ride!

A trip to the London Eye: Celebrate our great capital by visiting one of its main sights and seeing spectacular views over the city. A ride on the world’s tallest observation wheel will give you and your stags a chance to view the city’s most famous landmarks from the comfort of the high-tech capsules.

Chess Boxing: Another unusual idea, chess boxing lets you prove your brains and brawn while having fun and bonding with the boys. It’s an exciting way to start a stag do and set the pace for an excellent time, though judge’s decision is final!

German Bier-Haus: London is fortunate enough to offer a thoroughly German and exciting experience for stag groups who’re looking for an unusual way to experience their evening meal. If you missed Oktoberfest then never fear because over at the Bier-Haus there’s always some celebrating to be done!

A murder mystery night: For the ultimate themed evening forget smurf costumes and mankini’s- the way forward is murder mystery! It’s elementary, my dear Watson. You’ll mix in investigating with a three course dinner and plenty of detective work. Create a stag do that’s a bit different- a murder mystery evening is sure to keep the stags talking!

There are hundreds of other things to do with your stag groups in London, so no matter what you decide you’re sure to have a fantastic time!

This is a guest post written by Gen from StagWeb, to book your London stag do visit their website.


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