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Things to do in London

Things to do in London

London boat trip via public transport boat 18

There are many different activities you can do in the UK, London especially. However, you will need liquid cash. If you are short of funds for your London trip you can get instant cash by selling your clutter and old jewellery. You can also benefit from payday loans which provide you with instant cash. These loans are short term in nature and you can repay the loan amount on your next payday or over a period of 14 to 31 days. One great advantage of these loans is you can use the money for anything as you do not have to provide the lender with details of what the funds are for. Below are some of the great things which you can enjoy in London with this instant cash.

Boat trip on the River Thames

The Thames is a lovely place from where you can see the sights of Britain’s capital. A boat trip on the Thames is a unique experience which everyone should experience. You can also go on a London showboat along the Thames, entertainment is also provided. You can enjoy the live songs from West End musicals whilst taking in the views.


Everyone loves to shop, and shopping in London is just amazing; it offers everything that suits an individual’s style and budget. London is famous for its on trend shops that boast the latest clothes in fashion. You can find various branded clothes here. However, not all London stores are designer; you can find many other high street stores with reasonably prices products.  Some of the hotspots for shopping are Oxford Street, Spitalfields, Portobello and Brick Lane where fashion lovers can find all they want.

Visit the tower of London

This is amongst the most popular tourist attractions. You can buy tickets and go inside to see the crown jewels. There are also rides and exhibits which will entertain the whole family. You can employ a guide who will provide you with more information on historic buildings, the area etc. They will also entertain you. Every visitor to London should visit the tower of London.

Afternoon tea

People of every age group love to have tea. The whole family will be served cakes and tea, allowing the children to feel grown up as they are being treated as adults, making them feel more valued and special. Many hotels are famous for afternoon tea where you can enjoy the sandwiches, scones and clotted cream along with your choice of tea. The best places you can visit to grab the best tea can be from Fortnum and Mason’s, The Berkeley, The Langham or the Brown’s hotel.

Along with these there are many other things to do in London. They include a day at beach, hiking, biking, visiting museums, theme parks, water parks etc. Having money in London is essential to have the most enjoyable trip possible.


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