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Why it is important to learn the language spoken where you travel ?

Why it is important to learn the language spoken where you travel ?

    There are many reasons why it is better to understand the language spoken where you are travelling. However, the core of the matter is making a better experience. It is not the same to visit a place as a tourist than doing so as a traveler. While tourists expect others to speak their language, and just visit the touristic spots while never actually immersing in the local culture, travelers live a whole different experience.
    When taking Spanish courses London people know that this language will be of extreme use when visiting not only Spain, but also Latin America, as Spanish is spoken in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Panamá, and more countries in the American continent. The importance of knowing Spanish to this purpose lies on being able to immerse yourself in the culture that underlies the language. We believe that language and culture go hand in hand, and so, you can’t truly get to know one without knowing the other. There are many details, nuances that create the atmosphere of each place, and in order for you to notice, understand and live them, you need to expand your perception, which is done through language learning in this case. A language conveys much more than just words.
    The advantages of knowing the language of the place where you are travelling are also practical. When taking Chinese lessons London travelers expect to be more welcomed by locals in China by showing their interest for their language and culture. This kind of interest is a sign of respect, which generally attracts locals, helping you make new friends who will not only want to show you more about their culture, but also about the language. Making friends around the world is the best way to be united with different cultures, to discover that you can learn and find a lot of things in common with what you thought was ‘different’.     
    Language Trainers CEOAlexis Sheldon assures that travelling, learning languages and discovering different cultures is one of the most fulfilling experiences of personal growth a human being can live.

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