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W2 2HX - El Arez

W2 2HX - El Arez

El Arez is a fine Arabic restaurant. I saw two different halls adjacent to each other. I visited it on a Saturday evening and may be that's the reason it was very crowded. We were four of us and had to wait for a long time. The staff was nice and friendly and always smiling naughtly. But the time for the food to arrive on the table was quite a lot and it could be because of the huge number of people visiting it. And most of them must be ordering at least one or two dishes which contained lamb and chicken. So, since the grills took time to cook the meat, it took time for our food to arrive on our table. I saw people ordering some rolls wrapped in a translucent paper. That might be kababs or falafel rolls. The menu seemed to contain loads of delicious food and juices. Since we were 4 we thought of ordering 2 starters and 2 main dishes and sharing them among us. So, for the starters we ordered 1 falafel which contained 5 pieces of fried falafel balls and a basket full of the rolls or the Arabic bread. May be its called khobez or khomez. They also served loads of olives, light green soaked wet chillis and some other soft green stuff with the falafel. Our 2nd starter was some kind of humous. It contained humous and I think its centre was with a bit of olive oil and chick peas and a portion of the humous was covered with a red powder. It could have been red chilli powder. For the main courses, which again took a lot of time to arrive, we ordered stuffed lamb and mixed platter of roasted chicken and lamb pieces. My wife and Holly were a bit surprised when the saw the main courses as the quantity of the main courses was quite less compared the the quantity of them when my wife and Holly first visited El Arez. We later concluded that the quantity, which we thought was less was actually perfect as 4 of us couldn't finish the main course. The lamb in the "stuffed lamb" dish was very soft and tender and very nice with the rice it came with. The rice was like biryani rice with cashew nuts. It was very nice. We almost managed to finish all of it but not the second main course. The 2nd main course contained loads of pieces of roasted lamb and chicken. The chicken seemed be coated with a thin layer of golden coloured sweet syrup. I liked the chicken pieces more than the lamb ones from the 2nd main course. We left quite a lot of the 2nd main course. Overall the food was great. Oh and we got 4 drinks and though that all of them were great. We got 2 melon juices, 1 strawberry juice and one mocktail. All of them were very good. The menu was filled with loads of stuff and I wanted to taste more but I was out of space in my stomach :P


Address :
El Arez
101 Edgware Road,
London - W2 2HX

Phone : 02072624833

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