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TW3 1QT - Mirch Masala Hounslow

TW3 1QT - Mirch Masala Hounslow


101-105 Hounslow,
High Street, Postcode - TW3 1QT


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I guess march masala is a Pakistani place. I loved the lamb chops and kulfi there. We also had chicken tikka and lamb curry which was good as well. The chicken tikka curry and the dry chicken tikka was not that great when I has it but the tandoori chicken wings were nice. My mom had a mango juice which tasted a bit like maza or frooti. It seemed like the thicker version of them. It was nice. The time taken for the food to arrive on the table was very less though the restaurant was very crowded with people. It was mostly full of south Asian and people from the middle east and the Muslim community from africa, I guess.

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