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Though it was around fourish, the sky was clear and it was sunny. It was 6 of us with 4 in Shruti's car, though it was the smaller one and 3 in Holly's car. We were heading to a place called Cookham. Shruti and Ravi had already been there twice and Holly had been there several times. I had seen it in Shruti's pictures on Facebook and always wanted to visit it at least once. It was about an hours drive. Since it was Shruti's first drive as a driver after getting a drivers licence, it took us a while to reach Cookham. Having said that she drove brilliantly considering it was her first time. We went via Slough. See - directions to Cookham by car. After reaching there we parked our cars in a lane which was off the main road. While approaching towards the Cookham park or the green area, we saw loads of big boats moored and moving on the to river. The sight of the river and the boat was beautiful. We walked on a small bridge across a stream of water. Just after a few minutes, we saw the "The Ferry" restaurant. After sometime we reached a ice cream shop and decided to get some ice creams but found out that they don't accept cards :(. It seemed like an Italian ice-cream shop. There were public toilets adjacent to the ice-cream shop. We made our way back deeper into the Cookham park. There is a small grassland which lies along the river and on the other side of the park, we saw very beautiful budgies and very cute guinea pigs. They were caged. However the cages were quite big for them to move around. There is a small stream of water which flows parallel to the river with the green park in between. We spotted quite big fish in it. The fish hid itself under tiny bridges so that no one could see them as the portion under the bridge was quite dark. We saw a weird plant alongside the stream of water which had very big leaves. I don't know what is it called. While Holly, Shruti and Holly's friend were chatting, sitting on the bank of the silent river, me, Prachi and Ravi were exploring the place. On our way we saw fishermen relaxing and patiently waiting for the fish to bite the right spot. We saw families and friends having a good time. There were some idols as well. A particular idol was dedicated to a boy who died with some friends of his. One of the main attractions of Cookham was that it contained a waterfall at one of its end. Three of us had a good time there and clicked some snaps as well. I thought the main Cookham park was not very big. I could see an elevated area on the other side of the river. I think it was a hill but covered with a lot of trees hence, one couldn't make out what was it exactly. I wanted to go there and all agreed as well but for some particular reason we made our way back to our cars. I guess, though we agreed, we didn't want to go there in our subconscious mind. On our way back towards the car, we waited for a while on the small bridge near the "The Ferry" restaurant to see how a boat crossed a lock. I have mentioned a bit about the process in one of my articles about private boat hire in London. It was pretty cool to see the middle aged couple who owned the boat, do all the procedures related to get out if the lock. It looked very simple for them. Just as the lock opened and the couple made their way out, we saw a big boat filled with guys wearing white uniform making its way inside the lock. It seemed like a group of naval officers.
It was a nice day out. One ought to visit Cookham at least once, particularly, if they live near London or Slough and should also go on the hill, I missed going to, provided it actually was a hill !

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